This makes me happy.


I recently quit the coffee and started drinking herbal tea instead. I never thought I’d do that.  I actually used to really hate tea because it’s so watery.  I’m even guilty of being a little judgy of tea people, there’s just something a little…different about them.  What I’ve learned, is that yes, they are different.  They take life a little slower, which used to annoy me because I felt like life is meant to be lived, full throttle! Well, I’ve pretty much changed my stance on that, because I started to feel like I might have a heart attack soon.

My happy little handwarmer.

Anywho, I just wanted to share this little piece of awesomeness that recently entered my life.  It’s called a Handwarmer Mug.  I got it at a little shop and it costs way more than I’d ever normally spend on a mug (around $20), but since I drink about 3-4 cups of tea a day, and it just makes me so cozy and happy each time, it’s totally worth the price.  Not only is it cute, and it has a little nook to put your hand in to warm it, but it’s just such a perfect shape for snuggling with.  That’s right, I snuggle with it.  Don’t judge.

The company who makes it is Clay In Motion, and they have a great website with a lot of nicely priced pottery.  Check it out!


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