Keyword (phrase?) Being – I’m kind of a psycho.

My daughter, is truly such an angel, but, she scares me sometimes.

When I found out I was having a girl, I cried.  Not because I don’t like girls, but because I am a girl, and I’m kind of a psycho, so I was afraid, and that’s why I cried.

She, thankfully is not very much like me.  Or, if I may be so annoyingly unrealistic and shortsighted bold, and brag, she took only my best qualities, for sure.

As you know, she just started kindergarten.  And consequently, she just started scaring the shit out of me.

There was a day of other kids making fun of her.  I was terrified.  Surely she couldn’t be the kid that gets targeted! Right?  So scary.

Then there was the girl who was bossing her around, then giving her presents.
I’m not ready for codependency!!!

Then, this morning she told me I’m starting to look a little bit old.  That’s OK, I know it’s true, and I embrace aging as gracefully as I can.  That didn’t scare me, but what did was that she then started to cry and asked me if I was going to die soon.

I don’t want her to be afraid of me dying, or death at all, for that matter!

Every step of parenthood is an adventure for sure.  So in light of this, I took a little time to think about my scary daughter, and was led to finding some good books to help us deal with changes of life, and here’s what I found:
I Am
The Mountains of Tibet

Oh, and also, I spent the weekend teaching her how to play softball.  No one messes with softball bitches.

My next task, go outside, lay in the hammock and look at stars (before it gets too cold) with her before bed.

Good luck parents, we’re in this together!


Confession – Parenting is Hard.

My sister and I each have our reasons for starting this blog, and one of mine is that I want to be very honest about the challenges of parenting, so we parents can realize that no one’s alone.  It’s the hardest job there is in this world, with surprises around every bend.

I tend to be a bit of an extrovert with a big mouth.  I also live in an area where people tend to be a little more on the reserved side, where they don’t just blab every little thing that’s going on in their lives.  I’ve noticed that sometimes when I’m talking to people, they start to look at me as though they think I might be slightly crazy.  I am OK with this.  I just think of it as though I might be helping people feel a little better about themselves.  It’s my contribution.

So, that being said, here’s my current beef with parenting.  My kids are 2 years apart.  My son just turned 3 and my daughter is about to turn 5.  They whine a lot.  They cry a lot.  My daughter is going through a phase where she can’t be alone in any room.  She’s worried about monsters.  She won’t poop alone.  We have to stand in the bathroom and keep her company while she poops.

My son is going through the major tantrum phase.  He’s miserable about 75% of the day.  I’ve been tiptoeing around him a lot, and recently realized I might just be feeding the beast, so I’ve started using time outs more consistently when he’s being unreasonable.

After an 8 hour day of jumping through hoops for my clients, this is generally the last thing I feel like dealing with (it’s the last thing I feel like dealing with on days off as well).  I just want to sit down, put my feet up, have some wine, watch the Real Housewives, read a book, and go to bed.  Being a mom means serving a very demanding, unappreciative boss 24-7, and I’m just tired.

This is the part where people start looking at me blankly, like, yeah, duh.  They’re right, this isn’t a surprise, I’ve been living this life for 5 years, but it still never fails to shock me.  I just can’t believe how freaking hard this shit is!

If I don’t say it, I’ll stew about it, so here it is, I’m burned out on kids.  I love them, appreciate them for making me a mommy, and wouldn’t trade my life for any other, but they drive me crazy, and I dream of ways to get revenge on them when they’re teenagers.