Anti-Depressant Lip Gloss

Let me preface this by saying, modeling for yourself, and then putting the photos up for the world to see is seriously the most embarrassing thing in the world.

I have to say, I kind of hate Fall.  I know I’m alone here.  When I was a kid, I had extreme anxiety over going to school.

So, now when I feel Fall weather coming on, it sort of subconsciously brings me back to those days.

Plus, I have an old drafty house with oil heat, so I dread all those oil bills.

She loves it!

This year, however I feel a little differently about Fall.  Brooke is in Kindergarten now, and she absolutely loves it.  She’s helping me change my attitude about school.

Also, I’ve figured out a few tricks to keeping warm in my house.  A small space heater and a heating pad are making me feel very happy (but also a little bit old, oh well…).

And lastly, never underestimate the power of looking hot in the Fall! I recently did a little shopping for beauty products, and they’re helping me stay positive. I’ll tell you about them one by one!

First, let me just share with you, the ultimate, absolutely best lip gloss I have ever used. If I buy something more than once, you’d better believe it’s because it’s fantastically awesome.  I’ve just purchased my second tube. What is it, you ask?  It’s NYR Organics.  Not only does it make you look and feel pretty, but it’s full of healthy, safe ingredients.  And, it smells so nice, not too strong, just lightly citrusy.  And it tastes nice.  It’s awesome.

Here are more awesome things about this magical lip gloss that cures seasonal depression:

– It gives you lips a sheer wash of very flattering color (no matter which color you use, I swear, they all look good on everyone) that can be layered for more impact.

– It sort of dries on your lips, so it stays, but your lips just feel hydrated and smooth.  I have lips that can get dry and flaky, and there’s something in this gloss that keeps that from happening.  It protects them!

I call this one Blue Steel.

– The tube makes it really easy to put on while you’re driving.  I’ve used glosses that have a little brush thing, and you need a mirror.  The kind you put on with your finger is a mess and you need both hands.  The fact that it’s easy, makes me put it on even when I’m rushing, so I always feel put together.

The color I just bought is called Damson, and it is so perfect for Fall.  I’ve had 2 people stop me and ask what I’m wearing.  That is good!

See how I purposely didn’t clean the mirror or fold the laundry? It’s for effect, TOTALLY intentional. 😉

If you want to try this, pretty please order from my rep, Jennifer.  She is awesome, so pretty and nice, and she helped me decide on which color to buy.  She is good, and here is her website:
And more specifically the link to the glosses would be:

Happy Fall! xoxo


Product Review! Allie’s Highlighter

I went and bought the L’Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter that Allie recommended in her post; Backyard Barbeque Beauty, and here’s my review!

Normally I use MAC’s Studio Finish concealer, which is described on their website as being “discreetly opaque”.  I’d agree with that, so I’ve become accustomed to that type of thing.

This highlighter is much lighter in texture than MAC, and it is also much lighter in color.  They only have 3 colors, which I’m guessing is because they’re sheer enough to go on any skin tone?

It does cover surprisingly well, pretty close to that of MAC’s concealer, however it took a little longer to blend, and I had to use more of it.  It definitely does give your skin a luminous, smooth quality though, and I really like that.  Sometimes MAC gives more of a greasy look.

All in all, I like it, the price is good and I’d probably buy it again, but I’ll keep my MAC on hand for days when my skin is more dry.  Thanks for the recommendation Allie!

Backyard Barbecue Beauty

So now that I’ve given away all my beach beauty secrets, I thought I’d follow up with a few more summer makeup tips, for those times when you still want to keep it light and breezy, but maybe just want to play up your features a bit more.

If you haven’t already read my post on Beach Beauty, well… what the heck are you waiting for?  Don’t waste another minute feeling a) drab and colorless, or b) runny, creasey and cakey, in this heat!  Just because the mercury is high does not mean you can’t look pretty.  Beach Beauty is the perfect starting point for your best summer look.

…ok so now you’ve read it right?  You know all about my DIY bb cream and the most universally flattering blush and how to pretty up your pucker while preventing labial ephelides?  Cool, ok, so then you are now ready to hear about how to make the most of your peepers without looking (or feeling!) too “made up.”

Much as I love my beach beauty face, there are times when it doesn’t completely cut it.  I may not want to wear a lot of eye makeup on the beach, but how about all those fun backyard barbcues?  Once the sun goes down a bit, the shades come off, there’s a soft breeze blowing and maybe a little margarita buzz…  It’s nice to flash a little sparkle in your Mr.’s direction.  So, start with your beach beauty-ful face and dial it up a notch with these easy steps.

Luminizer, aka Illuminator, aka Brightener.  Every brand has their own version, and this is my favorite:

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

…however, it is a bit spendy, and, also I have to go to the mall to get it.  For some strange reason, my five- and three-year old boys don’t enjoy makeup shopping at the mall.  (???  I know, right?)  So, right now I’m using this:

L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer, Fair

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter

…and guess what?  I can’t even tell the difference.

I dab a bit on the inner corners of my eyes as well as the undereye area, and pat it in with a fingertip.  It’s a lot lighter than concealer, and it doesn’t settle into fine lines at all.  It perks up your whole face!  It’s like a power nap in stick form!

Next step:  waterproof eyeliner.  The most budge-proof formula I’ve ever used has to be Make-up Forever.  MAC is also good.  But, again, mall.  Maybe something like this:

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil, Black Brown 202

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

I like it in a really dark brown, and I just apply really thin little dashes along the upper lashes only.  It just makes your lashes look thicker and darker, which is something I really need, being a ginger with blond-tipped eyelashes.

The last step is optional, depending on the level of make-up-ed-ness you are after.  It is mascara.  Here is my favorite:

Maybelline Great Lash Lots Of Lashes Washable Mascara, Very  Black

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes

…and a post on why I like it so much.  But for those really steamy days, something like this is a great option:

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

It just darkens your lashes and helps them to stand out more.  And, it won’t run or flake.  And, you can use it on your brows too!

Now you are all set for some backyard summer party time!  A fresh-faced, natural look that feels weightless, protects you from sun damage, and flatters!  Have a margarita for me ;oP

Beach Beauty

Ok, so right now, in my part of the world, it’s not quite ten a.m. and already the temperature is in the 80’s.  By mid-afternoon they’re saying it’s going to feel like it’s in the triple digits.  What kind of a kook would even want to bother with makeup on this kind of a day???  Maybe a freckly, pale, reddish-haired kook?

My name is Allie and I am a ginger kid.  I am also terribly vain, most of the time, and I simply cannot set foot out in public with all my worst flaws on display for the whole world to see.  Even on the hottest, most humid, melt-your-face-off days, there is something in me that just can’t resist a little something to brighten up my appearance.

Of course, there are certain instances where nobody, even the vainest of gingers, wants to feel or look heavily made up.  (The beach, for instance?)  I absolutely lighten way up on cosmetics on a day like this.  So, if you are also freckly and pale, and maybe have some cellulite or stretch marks you aren’t so proud of, read on for some of my best summer beauty tricks.

Everything to do with summer beauty, for me, begins and ends with a little bronze.  I’ve been a fan of self-tanner since way back before most people ever even heard of it.  There used to be this stuff called QT…?  If you remember QT give me a shout in the comment section…  Anyhow, now you can get self-tanner any- and everywhere, from every suncare brand imaginable.  If you have never tried it, be not afraid.  They are absolutely goof-proof.  If you can apply body lotion, you can do self-tanner.

Now, I gave up on ever looking “tan” a very long time ago.  To any other gingers out there reading this post, you are never going to look like Jennifer Lopez.  That’s not what this is about.  This is about not blinding people with the glare coming off your pasty-white ass.  It’s really a public service.  Also, I have found, that a little bit of a glow goes a long way to minimize any unevenness in your skin tone.  Light Bulb!  Bye-bye cellulite!  See ya later, stretch marks!  Freckles, I’ll be seeing a lot less of you, too!  It can even make you look thinner!  It’s a miracle product, I’m telling you.

As for brands, I have tried so many, and I really don’t think it matters much.  They all do pretty much the same thing, for me it mostly comes down to the fragrance, price, and where I can buy it.  I go through a lot so it’s nice if I can pick it up while I’m at the grocery store or on a WalMart run.  Right now I’m using Sublime Bronze, (which has some shimmer in it, FYI), but I also like Neutrogena Micro Mist for hands-free application.  When I’m really feeling lazy and I don’t even want to have to wash my hands after.  Which, btw, don’t forget to do, or you will end up with the weirdest orange palms, and everyone will know your secret.

So now on to my favorite summer beauty secret, which I call “homemade BB cream.”  If you are a beauty junkie, such as myself, then you’ve probably noticed the latest thing on the market: BB cream.  It’s basically just a tinted moisturizer on steroids.  They have a lot of serum-y ingredients, like anti-oxidants and peptides, and a lot of them are a bit like primers, smoothing out the skin’s texture.  Usually they have a bit of sunscreen in them too, but beware: it’s not nearly enough for a ginger.  I like a 50+ full-spectrum sunblock.  I don’t need any more freckles, that is for sure.

Ok, so what I like to do, after washing my face with a baby washcloth (great trick, it’s the perfect amount of exfoliation and you can buy them anywhere for so cheap), is put a pea-sized drop of each: burqa-strength sunblock, self-tanner, and an all-in-one foundation/primer in the palm of my hand, rub them all together, and smooth all over my face like moisturizer.  One step.  Done.  Evened out and protected, with a little bit of glow to boot.  For my skin, that’s all the moisture I need, especially in the summer when I tend to be a little oilier anyway.  I use a richer cream at night if I feel like I need it.  You can use whatever your own favorite products are, or you can try what I’m currently into, which is. again, based mostly on price and what is nearby and easy to find:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 100

Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer SPF 100+

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion, Deep Natural

L’oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanner

Hard Candy Just Face It One Step Foundation, Medium

Hard Candy One-Step Foundation

So, that covers moisture and protection, but I also like to rosy up my cheeks with a bit of Benetint, which is, hands down, the most universally flattering blush on the market.  You will look like you just came in from a run.  Healthy and fresh.  And, it’s a liquid, so it just sinks right in and never gets cakey in the heat, like a powder or cream might.

Benefit Benetint 

Other than that I just like a little something on my lips, for moisture, shimmer, and also, preferably, for extra sun protection.  I’d rather not end up with any more labial ephelides, which sounds gross and embarrassing but it’s just a fancy word for a freckle on your lip.  I like orangey-reds, peaches, and corals with my skin tone so here’s what I’m using now:

CoverGirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm, Coral 230

Cover Girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm, SPF 15

And, last but not least, a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses.  The bigger the better!  For more sun protection, and for glamour!  And you can skip the heavy eye makeup… in this heat, it will never last anyway…

What are your favorite summer beauty products?  Leave a comment at the bottom of the post and share the wealth!  Don’t we all love a good recommendation?

Get Pretty – Three Faves

Ironically, I wrote this while standing up in my pjs and slippers, with unbrushed hair, no makeup, and really whiny kids running around at my feet.

You know I like a product when I buy it again after it runs out. I’ve bought each of these things more than once, yay!

I have a face washing thing.  I have weird skin, as I’ve mentioned before, I like to wash my face with grapeseed or almond oil once or twice a week, but most days I don’t have time to it, or I run out of clean wash clothes (oh yes, I’ve had laundry problems, but after my confession, I’ve been MUCH better.  Admitting you have a problem really is the first step toward solving it.), or I feel a little oily already that day, so I need an alternative.  This is my favorite face wash.

Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Cleanser

It smells really cool, like fresh apples and pears.  It also has a weirdly pleasing, subtle Elmer’s glue experience going on.  It’s really white like Elmers, and don’t let this scare you, just go with it, but I think it kind of smells slightly like Elmers. It has a nice creamy texture (not sticky like Elmers).  And it makes my face really nice, not dry, not greasy.  I usually follow up with moisturizer but on a really hot day (soon!) I could go without it.  I buy this at my health food store.

My hair is also schizophrenic.  It’s wavy, enough said.  I like this shampoo.  I bought this although I really wanted to buy Wen products after watching Alyssa Milano get blown out (how’s that for search term that’ll get me some hits?!).  I didn’t feel good about buying something from the TV, so I thought this sounded close enough.

Avlon KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo

I buy it at Ulta.  It smells good and makes my hair nice and soft and healthy.  I have to use the Chi iron on my hair a few times a week, so it’s great if you damage your hair.  On days I let it air dry it keeps me from looking like a fluffy chick.

And lastly, blush.  I once had a friend tell me that one of the reasons she loved me was because of my love for blush.  Now that’s a good friend!  This one looks absolutely insane in the compact, but it’s really nice and sheer on, so it matches any skin tone.

It really works!  It layers great so you can do subtle or cuckoo.  I like to stay somewhere in between those two.  I get this at Ulta too.  It really does look a little alarming, but it does this nice, soft pretty thing to your face.

It broke but I still use it every day – Stila Custom Color Blush

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do!  (I feel really cheesy right now).

Get Pretty

Allie is really good at doing makeup.

Hi Girlfriends!  I thought maybe I’d write about something besides food for once…

Over the summer I found myself being sucked into the vortex that is known in the pop-culture world as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”  They ran a few marathons over Labor Day weekend, and, looking back on it now, I realize that I must have somehow fallen under some kind of spell.  I was bewitched.  I must have been.  The show has no redeeming quality whatsoever aside from the visual orgy of clothes, hair, makeup, and big boobs.  I believe the focal point, the eye of the storm, if you will, the source of this enchantment, to be Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes.  They hypnotize.  They are otherworldly.  You can’t turn away.  They fascinate, and delight.

Of course I know they aren’t real.

And in the starry-eyed swoon they cast over me,  I found myself tinkering around with falsies.  They were fun for a while but they aren’t practical for every day and they kinda did a number on the lashes that God did give me.

So, my quest began for a mascara that could make me feel like an A-list celebrity on a red carpet, even though my glamorous world mostly consists of doing dishes, laundry, and cleaning up poopy diapers.

This week I picked up a tube of Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes.

It has a funky-shaped wand, really full at the bottom and really tapered at the tip.

It really gets into that inner corner.  This is just what I need as my eyes tend to look squinty.  The formula is great, just enough thickening without getting all clumpy, and really really lengthening.  It really wide-opens up my eyes.  Try it!

you’d never guess I was up half the night with a squirmy rugrat


You are getting very….. very….. sleeeeeeeeeepyyyyy…..