SAHM Style- for DailyBuzz Moms 9×9 Fall Into Autumn!

What the whah?  Did she just use the terms “stay at home mom” and “style” in the same sentence???

Oh yes she did!

You might think that those two terms are mutually exclusive, but I beg to differ.  You have to wear something, right?  So why shouldn’t it be something cute?  Nobody likes to look at a shlumpy mess, especially when that shlumpy mess is in the mirror.

I think we’ve all been there, I know I have.  We sold our old house and moved into our current home right after my little one was born, and between the barely two-year old, the infant, and the sale/purchase/move, I don’t think I put on a drop of makeup or wore anything but a nursing tank and yoga pants for a good six months.  It was depressing.

But a new season is upon us!  It’s the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf (maybe a colorful autumn one?) on your style.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and I think that stems from when I was a kid and my mom would take me back-to-school shopping.  What better way to get ready for the season?!  Come on, let’s go shopping!

Now, there are some issues of practicality to consider.  As a stay at home mom, you are likely to be spending a lot of time on the floor, as well as coming into contact with a lot of messes, so comfortable, durable, and machine-washable fabrics are key.  I am also kind of a cheapo a bit frugal with certain things.  And if you are like me, and spend most of the day on your feet, then you’ll be wanting good quality, flat shoes.  But that doesn’t limit you to sweats and ratty tee shirts!  You can have lots of fun and feel good about yourself, while still getting the job done, with these super-stylish tips and tricks.

Let’s start at the top, with hair.  In my humble opinion, bangs are a SAHM’s best friend.  With two little ones, I don’t have a lot of time to mess around with styling my hair, so a longer length that I can throw up in a ponytail, messy ballerina bun, or side braid works best.  Bangs elevate this look from, “I just finished three miles on the treadmill,” to “I just had breakfast at Tiffany’s.”


Start with a good cut from a pro (I have mine done just two or three times a year), and when the bangs get a little long, sweep them to the side or trim them yourself, it’s easy!  Just follow this tutorial:

Next comes bra.  I know they feel good, but sports bras are for the gym, ladies.  They are not flattering and they will not make you feel your best.  I just picked up this jazzy little number and it couldn’t be more comfy.  It’s so cushy and soft!  It holds everything in line so nicely, without a single pinch, and the straps are U-shaped and padded, so they don’t slip off the shoulders.

Bali Intimates One Smooth U

A good bra will make you stand up a little straighter and look more polished.  And a little lacey embellishment goes a long way towards making you feel pretty.  Ok, now that everyone knows what kind of underwear I have on, let’s move along, shall we?

As for tops, I mostly stick with jersey knits that can be layered and/or topped with a cardigan as the months get cooler.

jersey knit tops and cardigans

But lately I’ve been eyeing some cutie-patootie button-downs with a little bit of stretch, like these:

Collared Button-Ups & Sweaters

I think they’ll be perfect for fall, and when it gets even cooler, they’ll look sweet under a sweater with the cuffs and collar peeking out.

Don’t forget the accessories!  They do make the outfit, after all.  It only takes a few extra moments to pop on some cute earrings, a watch, and a bracelet or two, and those extra moments make all the difference.
watches, bracelets, and earrings
Bonus points for a statement necklace!
statement necklaces

Or, another great option for fall is the drapey scarf.

drapey scarves for fall

So warm and comfy, and a fun print will liven up your whole look…

As for bottoms, I love a good pair of leggings for days when you really want to be as comfortable as possible, and sometimes I’m known to rock a pair of sweats, but only if they’re dressed up on top, with a little bling and some cute shoes.  But I mostly find myself in jeans.  A good dark skinny, a comfy boyfriend pair, a trouser style, and a couple of fun colors, and you’re off to the races.  Although I have been loving the sixties mod pant for this season!  I may have to indulge myself…

Jeans and Pants for Fall

Add a fun belt for an unexpected hit of color, pattern, or texture, and you will look so polished!


Which leads me to my favorite topic, SHOES!  In the early fall, I’m all about a cute sandal or some ballerina flats.  Definitely look for something with some embellishment: some sparkle, pattern, or a contrasting hit of bright color.

early fall shoes

As the weather cools down, I look for something that comes up a little higher on my foot, so I can wear some little no-show socks under, for extra warmth.  I’m loving the oxford/brogue style, as well as some sparkly Toms, or a little loafer or moc.

Mid-fall shoes

And when things get blustery and cold, it’s nothing but a cozy boot for me.  I love the moto style, the riding boot, or a little cowboy bootie, especially with those leggings I’m so partial to.  I’m also considering a pair of Sorel’s for the snowy season… wouldn’t want to slip and fall in the car line at preschool dropoff!

late fall shoes

It’s amazing how much warmer you feel with a little leather around your ankles!

And finally, for the bag.  Don’t neglect the bag, SAHM’s.  You have a lot of essentials to carry around with you, so you need a good bag.  It can be an afterthought, or it can be a thing of beauty that elevates your whole look.

fall handbags

I’ve carried a lot of slouchy totes and hobos in this past, but now I’m all about structure.  Besides having a cleaner and more polished look, it keeps your junk more organized!  I love a classy, understated neutral, or a bright color that complements the other items in your wardrobe or completely contrasts.  I just ordered the little turquoise number and I can’t wait to see how it pops against all my navy and red…

Mix and match your picks from this post and you can’t go wrong.

plum, leopard, and gold

You’ll be turning heads at the grocery store…

stripes, red, turquoise

…taking compliments from all the other moms at school…

hot pink, black, and kelley green

…and putting a smile on your hubby’s face when he walks in the door at the end of the day.

red, white and black with brown accents

** just click on the little thumbnails below the collage if you want to purchase any of these featured items.  I won’t get paid, but I’ll still thank you for making the world a prettier place. **

dressed-up sweats

FYI, none of the clothing items in this post are more than $90.  The most expensive watch is $135.  The shoes, boots, and handbags are all under $200.  And none of these outfits will get mad if you do a little light housework in them.

Green, Gray, Navy, with Orange

Here’s to a great fall!

And don’t forget to check out DailyBuzz Moms on Thursday, September 27th, 2012, for a special “Top 9” featuring YinMom YangMom plus eight other bloggers’ awesome ideas to help you Fall Into Autumn!


Easy Way to Clean Silver

Today is a special day; my dear little Choochelah is off to his first day of kindergarten!

Tucked away in my jewelry box is this little tourmaline ring.  I hold it close to my heart.  It was a birthday present from Mr. Allie, purchased on a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, very shortly after little Chooch took up residence in my tummy just over five short years ago.  I always remember that trip (our last before becoming mama and dada) when I look at that ring, and it somehow makes me feel even closer to my precious boy.

I dragged out the little treasure this morning, but before I could put it on my finger, I noticed with dismay that it was poorly neglected and terribly tarnished…

Do you guys know this trick already?  I wish I could say I invented it, but I think it’s actually been around for a long time…

Gather up your sad and dirty sterling silver…

…line a glass dish with aluminum foil.  Sprinkle baking soda all over the surface of the foil.  Is there anything baking soda can’t do?

Lay your silver out on the baking soda/foil.

Pour boiling water over.

By the time the water is cool, you will see a lot less tarnish.

Buff the baubles with a paper towel to shine them up even more.

My tourmaline precious is practically as good as new!

It really helps, and it’s nice to not have to mess around with a chemical-ly silver polish.  But if you have something really gross it might not completely do the trick.

You are on my mind and in my heart today, and every day, sweet ChoochooBear…  Happy Kindergarten, baby!