Product Review: Levi’s Curve ID Jeans

When did we somehow become ok with spending $150 or more on jeans?  Seriously, I don’t understand how it happened.  One day, I was all, ok, I’m comfortable with spending around $65 for a decent pair of jeans, and then, somehow, some fashion magazine must have gone viral in my brain and almost actually convinced me that I needed to spend three times that in order to really get a nice, well-fitting pair of jeans.  Thank goodness I’ve come to my senses.  I mean, they are JEANS, people!

So, I needed some new jeans.  (Despite my best efforts, my waist has a mind of it’s own and it is slowly and steadily widening.  Maybe it has something to do with being almost 40.  Yah, I’m sure it’s nothing to do with eating cookies.  It’s gotta be the 40 thing.)  Mr. Allie was nice enough to give me the night off from my full-time job of mothering two rambunctious boys, so that I could cruise around the local outlet mall.   There are lots of stores there where jeans can be purchased, including Joe’s, Juicy, Lucky, J. Crew, and a Nieman’s outlet with all the priciest chi-chi brands.  I was ready to spend whatever was necessary to minimize my figure flaws and fit me comfortably.  Comfort is key when you are almost 40.

Here is a little bit about my figure type:
overall petite (just a little over 5′-0″) with a high waist
hips a bit wide
a poochy tummy, which is the area I am most self-conscious about
kind of a flat butt

I wandered into the Levi’s store and began perusing the monster wall of jeans.  Curve ID is the women’s line that Levi’s seems to be most proud of.  You can choose from three leg styles:  Skinny, Straight, or Bootcut.  Then they have three rises:  Low, Modern, or Classic.  Finally, they offer four shapes:  Slight Curve, Demi Curve, Bold Curve, or Supreme Curve.  I was a little overwhelmed by all of the options at first, so I asked an employee, how do I know what shape?  He asked if my jeans ever gap at my lower back, and I said YES! and he said “Bold Curve.”  Ok.

A few minutes later, another  salesperson told me he could measure me for an exact fit.  Eeeenteresting!  Ok, I would love for you to do that for me!

A few minutes later, lots of measurements had been taken, and I was sent to the dressing room with size 27 demi curve, in an assortment of rises.  The jeans were a perfect, and comfortable fit!  I only had to decide which rise I preferred.  (Modern, btw.)

To make a long story short, the second salesperson at Levi’s gave excellent service.  He made careful measurements and hooked me up with exactly what was right for me.  He took his job seriously and I came away from the store feeling as though I had just had an in-depth denim consultation at an expensive boutique.

And now for the kicker:  The jeans cost $49.99.  If you buy more than one pair, they’re even less than that.

Go to a Levi’s outlet store and get fitted for a pair of jeans for less than $50 bucks!

Or, if you already know your size and shape, the Levi’s website is offering 30% off skinny jeans until 8/12/2012.  Also, free shipping on orders over $100.  Use the coupon code SKINNY30.

**I am in no way affiliated with Levi’s, and the views expressed in this post are purely my own.  I have received no compensation for this product review.**


6 thoughts on “Product Review: Levi’s Curve ID Jeans

  1. Holy shite! I’m so there. We have almost the same body. My jeans are super tight in the (bulgy) tummy, but gappy in the back. I’m so there!

    • that’s great, karen! i hope you post a comment on how you like them once you get them. hopefully they’re a good fit for you too! can’t beat that price, especially with the coupon…

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