A Little Instagram Love

I have a bit of a crappy phone, and I feel kind of bad saying that.  I actually have an AMAZING phone!  I mean, there are people in the world who are worrying more about keeping their heads attached than having a smart phone, so it’s really poopy for someone like me to feel sorry for myself for having a $99.99 phone rather than a $299.99 phone, and I thank Louie CK for helping me to remember stuff like that.

It could be a lot worse, I could be like my sad sensible husband and have a outdated vintage phone with a black and white display and no camera.  I am very blessed.

Remember these? Love you babe!

But anyway, I was overjoyed recently when I learned that Instagram was available for the Android phone!  I have so much fun with that little app, and it covers up the sad quality of the camera on my phone.  Life is good.

Last week I got some really sweet photos while we were at an art party at my friend’s house.  She is an artist, and every Friday in the summer she hosts these parties for kids to learn about art, and go outside and get creative.  It’s been a wonderful way to make new friends and foster my little people’s creativity.  Here are some highlights!

A nice, big, low table is good for creative kid projects, since it allows kids to move about and get as creative as possible (according to super awesome, creativity fostering, mama-friend)

Brooke is excited, always!

I love to imagine that they’ll all be friends forever.

Leif dug this, major. Art projects aren’t always his thing, he tends to be more of a dragon/dino/toad/frog lover, but he really got into this one, and I loved seeing him get super creative!


Proud of his work.

And lastly, impromptu trombone lessons!  I love these creative people that grace my life!!!!

Peace and horns.

I think he’s got the cheeks for it.

It’s a beautiful life.


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