LTB – With Force!

I’m really having to force myself on this one.  Every time I think about what to do to grow my business, I find myself becoming overwhelmed with a feeling of exhaustion, and it’s very hard to avoid feeling like all I want to do is lay down and take a nap.

I took some time this morning to examine why this is happening, and what I’ve come up with is that I need to just get down to it.  I have to stop looking at my new logo, website, etc. as a destination, and instead think of it as a journey.  I won’t get anywhere on my journey by laying down and wishing it was over already.

So, my progress hasn’t gone much further with my logo, but I did start putting together the images for my Etsy shop.  The plan is to begin selling custom-designed marketing components through Etsy, and eventually move on to having my own ecommerce website.

This could take some time, because I have a lot of little nitty gritty images to make, pricing structures to set up, descriptions to write, etc.  But, today I took a few more steps and feel like the journey is still being experienced!

Here are the links to my previous posts related to this journey, in case you’re new to the blog or haven’t visited us in a little while:

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Until next time!


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