Happy Juice

Here’s a little something you may not know about me… I like to drink. Like really, really. It’s super fun and it tastes good. I’m Irish, Scottish & Italian, so it’s in my DNA.

Thanks in part to the “Mixologist” episode on Portlandia, I’m lately digging on a new breed of beverage. I normally like to drink Chardonnay, but in the summer with so many seasonal fruits available, it’s so fun to make something special on the weekend to sit and sip on in the backyard with my favorite drinking buddy (Jared).

Mixology is so hipster.

So here’s what I’ve been sipping on this week! It’s a Watermelon Lime Mint Cooler. It’s loosely based on this recipe for a martini:

I think my recipe is better than a martini because:

A) It’s hard to lay down in a hammock with a martini glass in your hand.

B) Martinis will get you very drunk very quickly and can be dangerous if combined with the heat of the sun.

This is my five-step program to drinking responsibly in your backyard:

Step One:
Remove the rind and cut up pieces of half of a seedless watermelon.

Step Two:
Blend the watermelon in a blender or use a stick blender (my favorite).

Step Three:
Strain the juice out. You can either use a strainer, cheesecloth, or my favorite; a paint straining bag. You can buy these little bags at Lowes or wherever for less than $5, and they work fantastically for making your own juice! I sold my juicer and use these instead because they’re so cheap and easy to clean and reuse.

Juicers are so last season.

Step Four:
Juice 1 lime.

Step Five:
Throw the watermelon juice, lime juice, a few mint sprigs, a tablespoon or two of agave nectar, 1-2 cups of water, and 3-4 shots of vodka into a pitcher. Let the flavors mingle in the fridge for an hour or so, then serve in a glass of ice and sip away!



7 thoughts on “Happy Juice

  1. Too funny! I made a watermelon mint drink this weekend and it was so so. I didn’t strain the watermelon (instructions said not to) but it was very foamy. It had Bacardi rum instead of vodka. Maybe ill try your version…sounds way better! 🙂

  2. I have another suggestion for a strainer, one I use when I make garden tea- a urine strainer for when you have a kidney stone- unused, of course!!!

    • oh my word, janet, i can’t believe you used the words “urine strainer” on a food post! too funny i am literally laughing out loud… honestly i never knew tha such a thing existed but i guess as a nurse you have seen it all. another suggestion would be cheesecloth. i drape a layer or two over a colander.

      see you around town! :o)

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