Celebrating a Beautiful Little Person’s Birth

We recently threw a birthday party for Brooke.  This is my second attempt at a kid birthday party since becoming a mother 5 years ago.  My first attempt was when Brooke was 1.

Every new mom is pretty much obligated to throw a first birthday party for their first child.  Some decide to continue to regularly throw birthday parties after that.  Others, like me, decide that it’s a ridiculous amount of effort to put forth for someone who doesn’t understand any of it and would just as soon chew on a stick as appreciate the the sentiment.

She really did have a nice time.

Don’t get me wrong, Brooke’s first party was adorable, the food was wonderful, and lots of beautiful friends and family turned out and brought tons of love and cheer to the day.  However, I spent at least $500, and it poured buckets of rain for hours, mid-way through.  Did I mention it was an outdoor party?  I was pretty over it when it was all said and done.

Since then, I vowed only to throw birthday parties for people who specifically asked for them.  Here we are 4 years later, and Brooke took her cute little blonde head out of the sand and requested a Care Bears party.  Ironically, the new Care Bears series premiered on the day BEFORE the party. Thus, there was not a single Care Bear licensed product to be found in all the land.  In two weeks, there will be a Care Bears extravaganza for all to enjoy at every iParty in the world.

But, we made do with what we had, and some very special ladies in my life came through with Care Bears support.

Allie made absolutely gorgeous and delicious cookies, which happened to be gluten, dairy, nut and soy free, which our allergic friends really appreciated.  Brooke was overjoyed.

My mom brought my old Care Bears toys from back in the day to decorate.  It was neat to see my 5 year old playing with toys that I received on my own 5th birthday.  Crazy!

And our friend, Miss Dawne, who owns this amazing place called The Bright Spot, created a Care Bears craft for the kids.  They made their own Care Bear bellies!  Such cuteness!

And yes, this time around I had the party at a facility rather than open my home to a bajillion (lovely and well-mannered, but young) children.  This was a lifesaver.  It was so nice to show up at this place, have another person handle the ins and outs of the day, plan activities for the kids, make sure everyone is fed and happy, while I mingled with my parent-friends and took pictures of the kids.  I actually got to enjoy my own (I mean my daughter’s) party. I wish Dawne could clone herself because she’s so amazing with kids.  Literally, there were many moments where parents were tearing up because she was creating such a magical time for them, and their little faces were completely lit up with joy.  What a beautiful thing.

Lit. Up.

So all in all, this party made up for all the shit that went wrong in my first kid birthday party experience.  A good time was had by all, and I left feeling extremely grateful for my family and all of our beautiful, intelligent and most importantly, good looking friends. 😉


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