Here’s some hippie crap to think about.

I’ve been reading a lot about our egos lately and it’s got me on this path to DESTROY my ego.  Just kidding, I think egos are there for some purpose, but what I’m becoming more aware of is the emphasis society has put on the importance of stroking our egos.

Clearly, I am somewhat of an egomaniac simply for the fact that I’m part of this blog.  You have to be at least a little amused by your own awesomeness to think that it’s important to put yourself in front of people, with expectations that they’re going to like you. So I frequently try to put my ego aside and remind myself of the ultimate reason why I blog, which is to just connect with like-minded people, to build our strength, and help create a sense of belonging in this crazy world.

I think the purpose of the ego in part is to help people survive and make it in this world.  It can help give us a boost of confidence to dress up and go out and get a job.  Or find love, or create art.

But some of the stuff that the ego can do is bad.  It can make us lose our sense of humor about ourselves.  If the ego is bruised, we can start to hate ourselves and act in a self destructive way.  If it’s inflated, we act like a bunch of self-important jerks.  I’ve also read that the ego is located in the same part of our brains as fear, so when you’re focused too deeply on your ego, you’re probably creating a bunch of purposeless fears and anxiety, which can do that much more damage to your well being.  So it’s important to keep it in check.

One way to start the process is to be conscious of it.  Just try to be on the alert for ego maniacal thoughts to creep up.  When one comes up, which could be that you’re not attractive enough, or that “damn, I’m so good looking” feeling, just honor that thought, remind yourself that it’s simply a thought and nothing tangible, remind yourself that life isn’t about looks (or money, or status, or anything else ego-y for that matter), and let that thought go on it’s merry way.  If you try to make an effort to notice these kinds of thoughts, you’ll find yourself getting better at just letting them float in and out of your mind without dwelling on them.  You’ll start to feel much lighter and less attached to the bullshit of life.

So, those our my deep thoughts of the day I guess. Now I’m going to drink some wine on my porch and be grateful for my home, friends and family, and that my clients have the day off today. 😉  Happy 4th!


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