Labels, god love them.

I’d be a failed opinionated-mom-blogger if I didn’t address the attachment parenting wave of scandal that Time Magazine created.  I consider myself an attachment mom overall, but I say that knowing that there are many facets of the jewel of parenting theory. I tend to hide my boob when I nurse my 3 year old.  I don’t judge anyone who just whips that bad girl out wherever she may be, in fact, I applaud her!  She should, dammit, and so should I!  But, I don’t want to, and that’s my choice.

But I digress, I just read this lovely, lovely blog post and would encourage anyone to read it.  When we were in Florida, we spent 12 days living with our extremely generous friends who do not have children.  They really deserve to be sainted.  By the end of the trip, they did not look like they wanted to murder us all, even though our kids screamed and/or whined almost the entire trip.  I can’t for the life of me understand such patient people, god bless them.  BUT, throughout our trip our host was commenting that it’s difficult to know if you’re doing the right things as a parent.  It really is baffling, and who really knows? We’re all just doing the best we can, and it’s very confusing to know what’s right or wrong. This blogger helped me to see the pros of the whole thing, and gave me a little boost of hope for my own children: Confessions of an Attachment Parented Child.

As to whether I think Time’s article was good or bad for the attachment parent?  Only time will tell, and no publicity is bad publicity.


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