Dairy Free Life Savers

So I’m at day 5 of my dairy-free life, and it’s going really swell.  I’ve done this once before, so I have the advantage of knowing some good tricks to keep me from cravings.  It feels really easy and natural so far.

Last time I did this, my big life saver was goddess salad dressing.  It’s very garlicky and flavorful, so I’d put this on things that normally called for cheese such as burgers and sandwiches.  I loved it so much that I continued to put it on everything for three more years, and then sadly, became completely disgusted by it.  Oh well.  So, in my quest to find a new cheese replacer, I found two good things; tapenades and avocados. Great on a sandwich, full of flavor, perfect.

Tonight was my first night having pizza with no cheese.  I was a little unsure how this would make me feel.  My portion had olive oil, tomato sauce, olive tapenade on one slice, and artichoke on the other.  I baked it all up and then put sliced avocados on top, and I tell you, I did not miss cheese ONE BIT!  I told Jared that I might never have cheese on my pizza again.  He, being used to my wishy washy piscean nature, said that he guarantees that in no less than 3 months I will eat a piece of cheese pizza and declare that nothing beats cheese on a pizza.  Whatever dude, thinking you know me so well (although he’s probably right, damn him and his stable aquarian nature).

I also ate this on a sandwich.  A little sliced turkey, artichoke tapenade, dijon mustard and sliced avocado on sourdough bread, perfection!

Now, if I could just figure out something to replace my brie habit.  I’ve heard durian fruit tastes kind of like brie.  I wonder if they have it at A Dong


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