Meal Planning – Back to Reality

I’m back in the saddle!  We’re off to Trader Joe’s for groceries today, because the toy-buying frenzy that is Stop and Shop has got to stop.  I got into the habit of letting my kids pick out a small toy every time we go to the store, and it’s getting really old.  They’re starting to beg to go to the store every day, and when I say no, it’s a whole tantrum thing.  Then, when we’re there, it adds a good 10 extra painful minutes to my trip while they labor over their decision of what to buy.  After spending a million dollars at (almost) every. single. gift shop at Disney World, I’m done.

I love Trader Joe’s not just for the lack of toys, but the better quality ingredients, and abundance of easy food.  Ready-made brown rice? Yes please.

So, here’s my plan for the next week. I’m off dairy, so I’ll substitute Earth Balance for butter and hemp milk for regular.  It’s not too hard.  I’m feeling pretty confident that the kids will eat just about everything on my list this week, but I’ll keep some PB&J and noodles on hand just in case.

And, as usual, you probably can’t see/click on my calendar if you’re viewing from an iPhone or from your email.  Check it out in a regular browser when you can.


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