Meal Planning – OK I Did It.

It just keeps getting easier, little by little.

So I did it, we will eat again!  Basically I changed it up a tiny bit.  One of the major problems was that the sophisticated recipes I was making were making my kids, especially Brooke, gag.  I would be exhausted from the arduous process of following a recipe after a long day of work, with cranky, hungry kids nipping at my heels.  The meal would finally be ready to eat, and then the kids wouldn’t eat it, and remain cranky the whole time Jared and I were trying to enjoy our meal.  We’d end up having to then make them something else, while simultaneously washing dishes, getting them ready for bed, and feeling exhausted.

This being said, I have to admit that planning ahead and making sure all the supplies were in the kitchen in advance did bring much more peace to my mind than not.  So I’ll keep it up, but with a few changes.

Now I’m planning one night of takeout and two nights of leftovers.  Every night that we’re eating home cooked food, I’m going to make something quick and easy for the kids just as soon as they get home from daycare, before I cook for me and Jared.  That way they’re busy eating while I’m cooking, and then if they feel adventurous and snacky later, they can try some of ours.  I’ve been doing an abbreviated version of this for the last week and it’s been great.

Also, the recipes I’m cooking are simpler, with less steps.  I’m tired of reading the whole time I’m cooking, it makes it take so much longer!

So here’s the calendar, best (and in most cases only able to be) viewed in a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer:


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning – OK I Did It.

  1. If you like roast beef, a pot roast is an easy solution and a nice dinner. Just buy a beef rump roast, rinse it, put it in a roasting pan with lots of quartered onions, a couple cups of water, beef soup base or bouillion, a few carrots. Stick in the oven for a few hours. An hour before dinnertime, peel and quarter potatoes & carrots. Cook them until soft and roast has a nice crust on top. Nice one pot meal with gravy and very yummy and satisfying. And, easy on mom. Kids might even like it.

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