Cool New Health “Trick”

All better.

Thanks to a helpful buddy, I recently found out this little trick.  Every time I feel a sickness come on, I scramble for some Airborne.  It’s kind of a pain because I’m not used to putting it into my routine.  If it’s not in my routine, I can’t remember where I put it, if we have any, and the worst, do I have to go to CVS right now?

This is my answer to that issue.  I have these nice little squirt bottle things from HerbaSway.  They’re liquid teas, filled with all kinds of lovely chinese herbs and whatnot.  I drink these every day, because I hate plain water, and I hate juice, and I hate soda, for various reasons.  I put a little dropper-ful in my water, and it’s got a ton of antioxidants and various other awesome things.  And tasty, nice.  I’m loving the taste of the Resveratrol one now.

Daily Detox Kit

So now I’ve learned the cool trick, which is, their daily detox package.  You can put these three together in a double shot of water, and do that for a few hours, and feel almost fine the next day.  I can say that’s working for me right now.  I came home from work yesterday, with a fever, chills, and mild tummy problems.  Within an hour of my first shot, my chills switched over to being really nice and toasty, my fever broke with minimal sweating (gross, sorry).

Leif likes the Chocolate in plain yogurt. We’re going to try blueberry next.

Also they’re all good for every day, so after enough time of replenishing my severely-depleted system (thanks to thyroid problems, 3 extremely sleep-deprived years, and breastfeeding for a looooong time), maybe I will stop getting sick so often.

My favorite part of these teas, they’re safe for our little guys. Airborne can’t say that.  Nice work HerbaSway!

OK, that’s enough gushing.  You can buy them from


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