Meal Planning – OK, Got It.

All shlopped out.

Here’s the calendar for the rest of this week.  I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow night after work, which really stinks (I’ll be tired and grouchy), and means we’ll have a really late dinner.  I have to say I did start feeling a little burned out on all this organization and predictability, I’m glad I took a little break from it because it made me realize how much it stinks to have nothing decent to eat.  I wish I could figure out a way to do my shlopping (typo, but I like that word better) on a different day, or at a time when the kids aren’t with me.  It’s kind of fun taking them to the store, but I always feel exhausted when it’s all finished, and then we have the whole rest of the day together, but I’m unmotivated to take them somewhere else.

Anyway, I’m rambling, here’s the calendar.


One thought on “Meal Planning – OK, Got It.

  1. Maybe you could get your groceries delivered. The Acme and Genuardi’s both offered home delivery and I think Giant has Peapod delivery now. The Acme delivery only cost $10.00. It was so worth it.

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