Oh My God, It Is So On.

Looks like it’s time for another Supermom Cooking Challenge (eyeroll).

I’ve been holding off on showing my kids the photos of Allie’s cakes, because I knew it would mean trouble for me.  I thought they’d be really sad about having to miss the party (we’re going to Florida soon, so we couldn’t do a PA trip).

Once they saw the cakes (kind of by accident), they both got excited, and said they wanted cakes like that on their birthdays.  I laughed, and told them that I don’t think mommy is capable of all of that, but I’d make them nice cakes that are more simple.  Leif shocked me, he just burst right out into the saddest-sounding cry. He was deeply hurt by this.  I instantly felt sorry for him and blurted out, “It’s OK, I will make these for you!!”.  What the hell?  The eff?  Oh lordy.

Eff you, cakes.


4 thoughts on “Oh My God, It Is So On.

    • Yeah, that’s an understatement 😉 They haven’t said anything about them since, so I’m 99% certain they’ll still feel happy when they see the regular ‘ole white cake with toys stuck all over it.

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