Meal Planning – What a week.

I’m going to need some extra motivation to cook today. Thinking about those 5 pounds I don’t want to gain back.

It’s been a very full and busy week, one with two nights of takeout (gasp!).  After all the cooking we’ve been doing for the past month or so, I think we’ve earned it.  This week is one of my busiest of the year.  I’m working on a big bi-annual alumnae newsletter for a summer camp (which I hope someday my kids will be into).  I love working on this project, but it does take up almost every spare minute, plus, I’ve been blessed with a new client, so it’s been an adventure.  Thus, the delicious takeout.

Here’s my plan for next week.  Note the abundance of potato love.  There will be yoga.

As far as my reviews of the food we made, the winner of the week was the sushi bowl.  I was craving soy sauce with a vengeance, and it delivered!  Jared didn’t actually make the Korean drumsticks, but he made his own delish creation.  He’s really good at improvising a big bowl of whatever we’ve got laying around.  We’ll do the drumsticks next time.  I liked the chickpea casserole, but I was the only one.  Jared ate it like a good sport, without a word.  Brooke and Leif politely handed their bowls back to me and walked away.  You can’t win them all.

Alright, I’m off to spend my day off with my lovely babies.  We’re planning a trip to the dollar store, it’s a big day!


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