Birthday Love

33!  Did I mention 3 is my favorite number?

I’ve been so behind on my blog-postin’, but it’s been a great few days filled with lots of birthday loveliness.  My kids, Brooke especially, get so excited when it’s someone’s birthday.  They bring so much energy to the day, and I love it.  Jared let me sleep as late as I wanted on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and my little birthday fairy kept coming into the bedroom, bringing me cards.  She was so excited to have something to give me.  Later, she got all dressed in her pretty tutu (for me!).  She said, “I just want to be all pink”.  She kept whispering about the cake.  She asked, “what kind of cake do you want?”.  I told her I like chocolate, but she said “I have a idea, how about a shawberry cake with pink woses!?”.  That went on a few times, and finally I said “You know what I want? I want a strawberry cake with pink roses”, and her face lit up with joy.  It was delightful.

A vision of pure femininity.

I also rang in my 33rd with some new yarn!  It’s Malabrigo Rios in Piedras.  It’s so soft and pretty.  I’m making a scarf. I really love kettle-dyed yarn, it might be my favorite.  I might be tempted to do some of my own dying this summer. I was going to do some kind of new knitting fancy technique, but quickly realized I’m not really up for a challenge right now, which is fine, so I’m making the old standby.  I’m really going to love wearing this in the fall.


Sadly, Jared had to fix our busted faucet for most of the day Sunday, but I did get one delightful moment from that, Leif decided this was a perfect time to fit in some snuggling.

This is how it’s done.

On Monday, Jared and I played hooky while the kids were in daycare, and it was such a perfectly warm, springy day.  We spent almost the whole day lounging around the backyard reading, talking, knitting, and chopping wood.  Yes, my manly man chops wood for fun.  It was a lovely day and I feel very grateful for all the awesomeness around me.  I don’t even mind being a year older, bring it on!


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