Some Random This and That.

Happy hump day :/

– I made Miriam’s gluten free pancakes (with chicken sausage) for dinner last night.  They’re awesome!  They’re a little different than traditional pancakes, a little thinner, with a really nice nuttiness.  I would definitely make them again, thank you Miriam!  You can click here, and look under Comments for her recipe. Do you know, I was so tempted to drink a beer, since I was so good and had a gluten free dinner, I was wondering if maybe I’d earned it, but I didn’t.  I went to bed early instead.  I’m on a boring kick lately.

Pretty, pretty.

– I’ve been meaning to post a link to this Etsy shop for a couple of weeks, and keep forgetting.  My husband bought me a beautiful piece from them for Valentine’s Day, it’s a round druzy ring, and I’m in love with it. They have so many beautiful things.  I’ve become obsessed with all things geode. I love Etsy.

– My little knitting project is coming along nicely!  I finished one of the two hand warmers, which I’ll post pics of when my husband’s home to help me.  I learned today that it’s impossible to photograph both of your own hands.  I’m thinking of buying these two beauties for my next adventure.

Three Irish Girls – Roison and Winter Birch

– And finally, last week I had a high fever which, when it broke, I literally sweated out 5 pounds of apparent water weight.  I kid you not, 5 pounds.  What is up with that, and how can I keep it off for good?  No beer, I know that, but what other tricks are there?

Ok, off I go to work, and then tonight I’ll be making Kale and Roasted Vegetable Soup, I’ll let you know how that is.  Have a lovely day!


3 thoughts on “Some Random This and That.

  1. watch your salt intake (to keep the water weight off), which you are already taking steps in the right direction by cooking more. premade, processed foods are so high in sodium! homemade is always best- most delicious and healthy! love you!

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