Spring Fever

Her sister is kind of at a loss for words right now.

It’s amazing how that extra hour or so of bright sunshine seems to boost my vitamin D levels… the last few days have me feeling like I’ve been shot out of a cannon!  Whoo-hoo!

It’s also shining a light (ahem, excuse the pun) on all the dirt and grime that has collected in tucked-away places over the past several months…

As much as my housecleaning method works to maintain the most often-used parts of my home, it still needs a once- or twice-yearly blitz in the hard to reach places.  So, over the next few weeks/months, I will be working o.t. on some extra credit projects:

Take the vacuum in for a tune-up
Take the dog for a groom, a good shampoo and a close-cropped haircut
Wash the car, inside and out
Take the glass shades off of all the overhead lights and clean them
Dust the ceiling fan blades and the high-up return air registers, and
Take a dust mop to each room’s upper corners, to knock out cobwebs
Flip the mattresses
Give the sofas a scrub with leather cleaner and a soft cloth and
Vacuum underneath
Scrub down all the baseboard trim with a clean cloth and some hot, soapy water, and
Hit the scuff marks with a paintbrush and some fresh, glossy white paint
Take a razor blade to the windows to scrape off any gooey splashes, and
Wash the sashes, inside and out
Wipe down the tops and sides of the washer and dryer, and
Run a wash cycle, empty, with white vinegar
Set my oven to clean, on a day when I can open the windows to air out the burnt smell
Run baking soda and water through the coffee maker
Disinfect the kitchen trash can
Wash the grime from the top of the fridge
Empty the fridge and freezer and clean out the shelves/bins with hot, soapy water
(Being sure to run a clean sponge into the folds of the gaskets)
Pull the fridge and oven/range out and vaccuum behind
Organize closets and cupboards, trashing or donating anything no longer of use

Whew!  Did I forget anything?  Leave me a comment if I forgot something…

As you can see, I’m gonna be pretty busy.  And probably tired at the end of the day.  (Hopefully I’ll get some good sleep!)  But it sure feels good to see that warm sunshine pouring into a fresh, bright home…

Click this link for an easy way to keep the rest of your house clean and running like a well-oiled machine:  My Own Version of Fly Lady


3 thoughts on “Spring Fever

    • Thanks for the great info, Solox5. Vitamin D deficiency seems to be a chronic problem for me. Last year I fought it hard and ended up on a 50,000 iu/week dose to get me back on track. Now I’m taking 2,000 iu/day to maintain, but I still struggle a bit in the winter months. Maybe it’s not Vitamin D deficiency, maybe it’s seasonal affectiveness disorder? Or perhaps they are one and the same… anyhow, the fact that I’m pale and freckly with a history of skin cancer doesn’t help; I use a high SPF every day. Here’s another post I wrote on the topic: http://yinmomyangmom.com/2012/01/30/take-care/ Thanks again for the comment!

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