Meal Planning, Again

I’m full.

It’s been a wonderful, peaceful week filled with homemade food.  I didn’t buy a single takeout meal, which is pretty rare for me!  I don’t miss it either, and I think eventually we’ll see the benefits in our budget.  I think I was probably spending at least $50 a week on takeout, but probably more.

Last Friday I needed to buy a few things at the Asian market.  Our local Asian market is pretty big, with a lot of variety, and is especially good for produce.  The prices pretty much put our traditional grocery stores to shame.  A small package of rice noodles at Stop and Shop is over $7, but it’s $0.87 at A Dong.  That’s right, the Asian market is called A Dong.  You have a problem with that?

So I will be returning to A Dong tomorrow to save some $$.  Here’s the rundown of dinners for the next 7 nights:


4 thoughts on “Meal Planning, Again

  1. Wow!! It’s always been my dream to start meal planning- several attempts- but always slipped back to “what am I hungry for” at 5 pm!!! I’m so proud of you- keep up the good work!!!

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