Pushing a Rock

I admire this gleaming bee-otch.

I am lucky enough to have a gorgeous clear glass shower enclosure in my master bath.  She is a beauty to behold, but a bee-otch to keep clean.  So high maintenance!

I am a dork, this I know.  My world, at this stage of my life, is very small.  My kids are little, and they need me all the time.  There was a time when I was a hot-shot career gal, elbowing my way into a high-powered boys’ club, but now, I spend most of my time at home with just a couple of little men, who are decidedly low on the corporate ladder.  But even though my current responsibilities aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire, I still take them seriously, and I do get a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when I get things right.  It sounds silly, but when I glimpse into my bathroom and see that shower sparkling like a diamond, I get a little thrill.

Lowly as my job as domestic engineer may be, the responsibilities are many.  At times it can be difficult keeping up with everything.  I often feel like my wheels are spinning, as no sooner is something cleaned, than somebody louses it back up again.  I’m like Sisyphus, eternally rolling that rock uphill and never getting it to the top.

So when I discover a little gem like this:

it’s a pretty big deal in my little world.  In exchange for the three seconds it takes to spray down the glass after every shower, I am rewarded with a clean shower enclosure that often lasts as long as four weeks (!), despite being used as many as four or five times a day.

Method Daily Shower can be purchased at Target.  It is an all-natural, chemical-free product, so it won’t tear up your lungs or pollute the ground water with heaven-knows-what.  Buy the spray bottle once, and then save money and keep trash out of the landfill by replenishing it from the two-liter, recyclable refill bottle, which will keep your spray bottle misting two and a half times over.  It has a pleasant ylang ylang fragrance, which is like a little aromatherapy spa moment.

Thanks to my sister, the better half of Yin Mom / Yang Mom, for introducing me to Method Daily Shower, and helping to brighten my every day with the simple pleasure of admiring that gleaming beeotch!


3 thoughts on “Pushing a Rock

  1. I bought the method shower cleaner yesterday – so far so good! Love the smell, as well!

    Any tips for cleaning hardwoods? I Bought a steamer mop, but need something in between to clean these hardwood floors.

    • We recently had hardwoods installed and I asked the contractors how best to clean them. They said never steam mop! lol… Just dust mop them and if they get spotty to spray a very light mist of hardwood cleaner and work it with a clean cloth. They mentioned a Bruce brand cleaner that can be purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot but I just picked some Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner at Target and I use a dustmop with a big, elasticized removable terry cover, also from Target.

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