Weekend’s Over

How annoying is a cheerful lady on a Monday?

And I’m actually a bit relieved.  I’m sick like that.  I like Monday’s, what?

The truth is, I enjoy a challenge, and waking up in a good mood (with an angry two year old), is a challenge.  So I try to wake up and totally kill it by feeling excited.  My days don’t always live up to their part of the deal, so I will admit, I do have ones where I feel defeated when it’s all said and done.  But, still, going into it feeling hopeful and positive can be quite invigorating.

I thought I’d just share a few highlights of the weekend.  I did stick to my meal plan calendar, and I’m very excited about it! I kind of mixed up the order, but who cares?  My husband cooked one of the meals on Saturday, he made Allie’s Pasta with Leeks, Mushrooms and Creamy Parmesan, and holy eff, it was insane.  It’s so good, you MUST make this.  I squeezed a lemon over mine, and it made it even better.  We ate the whole darn pot of pasta.

I also got my yarn, sqeee!  It so inspired me to take pictures like this:

I take pictures of yarn. I am a yarn nerd.

And Brooke got sensory again.

Ok now let’s go kill this day.


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