Meal Planning – This needs to happen.

Still working on that whole “grown up” thing.

As you may have gathered, I am slightly cuckoo.  I am addicted to doing things, and a bit of a workaholic.  I believe that the things that happen in our lives could very well be a reflection of how we’re living.

Over the past few months, we’ve been experiencing several unexpected mini-crisis’s, and I started thinking, what could I have been doing to sort of invite these kinds of chaotic events, and how can I change the patterns that are causing this “condition”?  I see that my action packed life is fun and exciting, but it is lacking some of the necessary parts that keep us healthy and grounded.  Therefore, my life feels chaotic, and I’m becoming a bit of a chaos magnet.

One of these necessary parts that’s lacking is regular, planned meals.  Each day I start working from the second my kids are dropped off at daycare, until 5 PM.  I love my job(s), and I am 100% immersed in them.  Then I pick up the kids, and I realize it’s dinner time, and I have nothing planned, and a lot of times no food in the fridge.  I either need to go to the store with the kids, or scramble for something lame with what I’ve got.  I’ve begun to completely dread this chore, which isn’t a good way to top off a fabulous day of productivity.  It makes me feel like an unorganized, poor excuse for a mom, and creates a feeling of exhaustion and  chaos at the end of the day.  I often wish I could just hire a cook, but sadly, my workaholic life has left me as yet unable to afford me that luxury.

I was talking to my brother in law yesterday.  He told me that his wife plans all their meals a month in advance, buys all the groceries they need every two weeks, and he follows the calendar and prepares all these meals.  When he told me this, a light bulb went on.  Oh, yeah, meal planning, what a concept! So, I’m taking baby steps, I’m not planning a whole month out, yet, but I got a decent start and planned the next 7 days.  I put it on a Google Calendar, which you can see below.  I’m going to try to do this every Thursday for the following 7 days and share it with you.  If I forget, please feel free to remind me.  I put a star next to each meal that’s a Yin Mom, Yang Mom recipe, and if you click on the recipe you can see the link under the “Where” section.  I also had a few dinners that I think the kids won’t like, so in those cases I added a separate dinner for them. Wish me luck, I’m certain this must be a step in the right direction towards a more peaceful life. By the way, thanks J for the idea!


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning – This needs to happen.

  1. You’ll save money and time at the grocery store by this method. Makes grocery list keeping so much easier. You could try planning your grocery shopping by memorizing or getting a store map and you can compile your list aisle by aisle…makes shopping quicker and easier.

  2. You got it, girl. This is the way to go. I love your meal plan calendar. I kinda do the same thing, only bass ackwards: I buy a bunch of different proteins: chicken, fish, pork, beef, etc., and some veggies, besides keeping my pantry stocked with the essentials. I freeze all the protein and then come up with a rough idea for what to make with each. The night before I defrost and take a quick inventory to make sure I have everything I need for the meal I had in mind. Sometimes I may need an item or two, last minute, but it’s usually just a quick errand or sometimes I just have Dave pick it up on the way home from work. Good luck!

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