Getting Creative – Pearly

My child has been described as “sensory”.  This came after someone watched her digging her whole hand into a cup of poster paint and smoosh it all over her face.  She reminds me of Miss Lippy from Billy Madison.  This is an accurate description of her.  She really enjoys the whole body art experience.  Case in point:


She seems to favor the unibrow.

I’m glad to have her around, because it’s so easy for me to get caught up in the every day blur of bills and administrative junk.  It’s important to flex our artistic muscles and get a little sensory here and there!

I recently went to AC Moore and found these little gems.  They’re called Pearlescent Chalks.  There’s a little roach clip looking thing on a stick, and you grab little fuzz balls and paint with the chalks.  I’d never seen anything like it, and being a stickler for glitter, it seemed like the perfect new medium to experiment with. They’re awesome for laying shades and depths of color, and the puff balls feel pleasantly scratchy as they slide over paper (sensory!).

They’re a great little thing to mess around with for a half hour or so, and you end up with something colorful, sparkly and abstract.

The kids dig it too.  With popsicles.


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