Let’s Talk Business – Bulls#!t Allergy

I hated school.

I’ve recently been hearing a quote that goes something like this: In life, we’re given lessons.  If you fail to learn your lesson the first time around, you’ll keep getting served with that lesson repeatedly until we finally learn it. Until then, we can’t move forward.

Realizing this, just a few months ago, has answered a lot of questions I used to have.

A couple years ago, a new recurring character made his entrance. It’s not just one person, it’s a different version of the same character each time.  Sometimes a dude, other times, a woman.  This jerk likes to play games.  They like to wheel and deal.  They want me to do a lot of really awesome work, but they don’t have a lot of time to wait, they don’t have a lot of (or in some cases, any) money (yet!) and they are extremely suspicious of others. Sometimes they try to take money out of innocent people’s hands, in the worst cases.

I’m not going to go into extreme detail, because I’m sure you get the gist.  I kept being pushed in front of these types of people, and I kept getting suckered into doing business with them, and it’s almost needless to say, I was getting burned quite a bit. It hurt on a lot of levels.  My bank account, my pride, and my confidence to keep going.

It literally happened six times in one year.  I started to think that I must be the problem.  There’s something wrong with me, right?  Otherwise these people wouldn’t hate me so much, or something.  I was very confused, tired and stressed to the max.

Things did turn around, thankfully, because a series of events, along with a few words of wisdom from some very wisely chosen friends helped me turn on that light bulb in my head, and made me realize what the lesson was.

I needed to develop an acute bullshit allergy.  This term was gifted to me by one of my best friends.  She’d learned this lesson a while back.  She told me that she was flat out allergic to bullshit, so there’s really none of it in her life.

It’s so simple.  When I sense bullshit, I close my mouth, say no more, and keep walking.  Don’t even entertain the notion of keeping company with it.  No hard feelings, because no bond was ever initiated.  It’s no great loss to anyone.

So, there kind of was something wrong with me, but thankfully it wasn’t that I was a bad person.  It was just that I needed to learn to focus on real opportunities for success in business, and pretty much leave the other ones to themselves.  The lesson was served to me SIX TIMES before I got it.  Duh.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Business – Bulls#!t Allergy

  1. yeah, Bruce has an excellent bullshit radar, he can call that out a mile away. mine isn’t as good as his (I tend to want people to like me) but it’s been getting better over the years.

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