Holiday Backlash

I did not eat hash browns today, winning!

As some of you know, back in November I made a big huge life change and started taking really good care of myself.  I had just found out that I had thyroiditis, and I wanted to make sure I took care so my thyroid wouldn’t burn out and make things much worse.  I was doing so good for a month or so, but then something terrible happened, the holidays.  They completely threw me off.  Fatty food, travel and wine were pretty much the culprits.  My symptoms quickly crept back, despite my efforts to pretend they were gone.

Luckily, New Years Eve was around the corner, right?  My resolutions would fix this.  No big deal.  It would just be two weeks of weakness, and then I would be back to normal.

Well, turns out New Years resolutions fall at the worst possible time for a person to realistically carry them out. Why do we think we could suddenly go from indulging every craving, to complete restriction?  That’s just a recipe for self-disappointment.

So, one month AFTER New Years Day, I’m finally starting to make a little headway.  It’s amazing how hard it can be to make yourself take vitamins after holding off for 6 weeks, but today, I took them. The thought of swallowing pills made me gag a little, but once I did it I was so glad I did.  I haven’t really made it to the gym in a while, but I am trying to do exercises at home throughout the day, so that’s something.

As far as indulgences like fast food and wine?  My husband put it well, taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a punishment.  So basically, if I really want it, I let myself have it, and take care to notice how I feel afterward.  Eventually I get tired of feeling poopy, and gradually I indulge less and less.

Basically, I’m making a movement to change the due date for New Years resolutions.  Let’s shoot for mid-February, is that realistic?


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