Yarn. Yeah Baby.

It’s on.

About 4 years ago I became obsessed with yarn.  I learned to crochet (thanks to the Happy Hooker), and made a whole bunch of wool longies.  If you’re unfamiliar with that concept, basically it’s a wool diaper cover.  For those who don’t cloth diaper, be prepared for a combination of horror and mystification:   http://www.diaperpin.com/clothdiapers/article_wool.asp

Later I learned to knit, (thanks to Stitch and Bitch).  I liked the look of knit better than crochet, especially when using hand painted yarn.  I also learned to hand paint my own yarn to save myself about $10 on a skein.  This is really fun activity and I really hope to have some time in the near future to pick it up again.

When I was pregnant with Leif, I did some dying (My supportive husband mixed the dyes, I wore heavy duty gloves and a mask, you shouldn’t handle the powder when you’re pregnant.  Thank you Jared for not being annoyed that I asked you to do that.).  I fell in love with a colorway by Three Irish Girls, and was short on cash, so I decided to try my hand at copying it.  Yes, I am not ashamed to admit I can be a huge copycat sometimes.  It’s a survival skill.

Mine turned out a little garish, but I’m garish, it’s ok. This yarn sat in a closet for 2 years.  Then about a year ago, I started my first knit project, a simple scarf:
Then a whole year later, yes, a simple scarf took me a whole year, it was finished and ready to wear!  Check us out!

On another note, check out the horrible haircut I gave my son!

I love that we can share clothes already!

Now that it’s done, I’m itching to pick up the needles again.  I saw this project on Pinterest:

I love this, but if I were to make it colorblocked, it would cost me about $85.  So, it’s going to be one color, well, not really, I bought multicolored yarn, but since I only needed to buy one skein, it cost $22.  I bought this beautiful yarn from Three Irish Girls.

Maeve by Three Irish Girls (Springvale Sock)

No, I will not be dying this time, it’s a time issue.  I’ll keep you posted when this is finished, two or four years from now!


2 thoughts on “Yarn. Yeah Baby.

  1. Kid scarves, yeah! Julian has been wanting one for a year! Haha! Yellow is his favorite color, thanks. ;0)
    They turned out great! Love the green!

    • Oh yeah, lol, I completely forgot about that. Can you believe it took me that long? I had all kinds of grand ideas of making scarves for all the kids I know. When will I learn? Yellow would be cool though…

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