A Zen Moment – Strength


So many of us are constantly faced with the feeling that we’re not thin enough. Don’t eat too many sweets, don’t eat a lot of fat, don’t eat carbs, work out, etc. This is old news. What’s surprising to me is that we don’t talk a whole lot about becoming strong. Inner strength is so important on such a core level. We can’t do anything without strength. We can’t carry our kids, we can’t handle stressful situations properly, we can’t really make any kind of positive changes in our lives without it. But yet, we still focus so intently on the issue of weight, and we’re seemingly always saying we struggle with our weight.

Wouldn’t it make sense that if we can make a few small changes that take just a few minutes out of our day? We could make ourselves physically and mentally stonger, and then things like self discipline and healthy food choices would just sort of naturally become part of our daily lives, and ultimately either make us skinnier, OR make us happy with the beautiful body we’ve been given.

I’m really not a big fan of drastic changes (anymore). I’ve done the drastic thing, and it’s exciting and all, but ultimately if anything starts dominating your thoughts and actions, things get thrown out of balance and eventually fall apart. So, I don’t really suggest that you completely change your life, but here a few things I like to do every morning to help myself feel comfortable with changing myself for the better, and give me inner and outer strength to face the challenges of the day in a positive way.

– Sit on a pillow on the floor. Either put your hands together, prayer-style over your heart, or put them palms up on your knees, or flat on the ground, depending on what’s most comfortable. Close your eyes, try to focus on your third eye chakra (the middle of your forehead), and take deep breaths. Pose the question in your mind, what do I need to hear today? Just wait, do that for a while, maybe 5 minutes. Any time a thought pops into your head, just sort of listen to it, and let it pass.

– Pick up a couple of hand weights, and do a few exercises. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but it wakes up your muscles and helps them get a little stronger. If you do it every day, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can feel your muscles getting a little buffer. This is a really great website that helps you figure out which exercises work best for specific areas you’d like to work on: http://www.divine.ca/en/fitness-and-nutrition/exercise-finder/c_266/.

– Hold a hot drink, look out the window, or go outside for a few minutes, take deep breaths, relax and feel grateful for the day ahead. Think about how you’d like today to be a little different, better than yesterday.

– Hold your hands over your throat, and say to yourself, I am strong, and I am willing to change. Ask for some inner strength and for some inspiration and motivation to do something cool today.

Some of these things might sound a little hokey, but most of us either have a few minutes alone in the morning where no one’s going to see or judge us for being weird, or, we’ve got some kids with us, and they’re totally weirder than you are, so there’s no need to be bashful.


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