I was sorta wrong, a little right, but mostly wrong.

I’m a reluctant believer.

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now.  A while back Allie told me about her pie crust recipe.  I told her that I felt store bought, refrigerated dough was adequate. She didn’t believe me.  I was adament.  She wouldn’t buy it.

I realized it was time to break out the big guns, and tell her something I’d been keeping in my back pocket for a while.

I told her a story.  Three years ago, I baked a beautiful pie for Thanksgiving at her house.  It was a caramel-apple-pecan pie.  It was so lovely, and I even made tiny leaf shaped peices out of the dough and laid them all around the edges.  It was Martha-worthy.  I brought it to her house, and everyone oohed and aahed.  Later that night, it was time to eat pie, and I remember seeing Allie take a bite, and say to my aunt, “Mmmm, I just love homemade pie crust”.  I just smiled (evil-like) on the inside, because I’d used Pillsbury on that pie.

I never said anything, partly out of respect for Allie’s strong food ethics, but also because I somehow knew that someday, the perfect opportunity would arise for me to throw that in her face.

So, during that fateful conversation, she was saying, Meredith, you HAVE to try making homemade crust, it’s actually very easy if you have a food processor.  It takes, like FIVE MINUTES!

I could not bring myself to believe her, so I replied by telling her the story about the Pillsbury crust.  She was…. completely undeterred.

I decided that I’d eventually get around to making it.  And I would blog about how difficult it was, and how my kids drove me nuts while I was cooking.

The perfect opportunity arose in a totally unexpected way.  There was a death in the family.  I needed to make food for the family of the person who died. I wanted to make them something really special, because they really deserved it.  Thanks to a little urging from Allie, a pot pie was born!

Making the dough was, as hard as it is to admit when I’m wrong, really easy.  It didn’t take 5 minutes, but maybe 15, which still isn’t bad.  The kids didn’t drive me nuts at all, in fact, they helped and were really cute.  The pot pie itself did take a little more work, but I would just recommend, as Allie told me, make the dough, put it in the fridge, and make the pie another time when you have an opportunity to concentrate a little more.

You can click here for Allie’s amazing pot pie recipe, and here for her favorite pie dough recipe.

I also made one of these pies for ourselves, so I killed two birds with one stone.  I’ve eaten a lot of pot pie in my days, and actually love the worst ones.  The ones that are frozen, in a box, with some kind of slimy, salty gravy inside them.  They are so good.  The homemade pies I’ve had were usually terribly disappointing and flavorless.  But let me tell you, Allie’s pot pie is epic.  It has tons of flavor, savory, salty, sweet and wine-y.  The texture of the crust is almost like that of a croissant.  It’s buttery, flaky and tender.  You will make this, I tell you!

Here’s a few highlights:


Licking butter, gross!

This is what it looked like when it was “ready”.

I made another one with a pinched edge, and it was much prettier, but of course I forgot to photograph it.


4 thoughts on “I was sorta wrong, a little right, but mostly wrong.

  1. Photography looks beautiful! Having fun with that Diana lens, huh?

    So happy you enjoyed the recipe… 15 minutes is not so bad for something real & natural & wholesome…not to mention economical.

    Thanks for giving it a shot, glad it was worth it. Xoxo

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