Design Time!

It’s definitely not a new idea, but it’s the first time I’ve tried it and I think it’s great.  Here’s how I’m jazzing up my dining room:

Just a couple of plain white frames from Michael’s (I got them 40% off, woo-hoo!) and a few of my kids’ preschool masterpeices.  I think it looks pretty awesome.  Abstract and modern, clean with the modern frames… the double-mat really elevates them.  And in my current color fave, tangerine, which also happens to be the Pantone Institute’s 2012 color of the year

Chooch & Schmoodle, what can I say?  Always one step ahead of the trends; you do your mama proud!

Enjoy this post?  Good- but I’m not letting you off easy.  It’s payback time!  I want your ideas now!  What should I do with this chair???

I think it was an awesome find!  Someone literally kicked it to the curb.  It was out with the trash and I spotted it driving home from Choochie’s summer camp one day… it’s got great bones but it needs some serious TLC!  The upholstery’s pretty beat (off-white pleather) and there are a lot of paint splatters on the wood, but I love the overall look of it and the color of the wood finish.  What do you think?

Background info: I’m going for a modern feel in my dining room with a tight color palette of silver, white, and medium wood tones, with pops of tangerine.  I’ve done a pretty subtle metallic glaze on the walls above the chair rail.

…yes my christmukkah tree is still up. Don’t judge.

I’m hoping to soon have a grey-and-white zebra-print area rug (budget: you suck):

Oh, and I’m working on a sweater-knit runner for the table:

So far that’s about all I’ve got and I’m looking for more inspiration so please, post me some comments!


12 thoughts on “Design Time!

  1. Great ideas. I’m digging the runner so much. I’ve only ever knitted a scarf, and I’m not all that ambitious to learn anything more intense, but I have a lot of nice yarn and could do this easily. Thanks!

    • Thanks Mere! This is basically just an extra large scarf for my table. Couldn’t be simpler! I cast on 48 and just used a stockinette stitch. The yarn is Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Grey Marble.

  2. First of all, loving the blog – congrats!!
    Second, I did the same thing with the kids art in my kitchen, I got my frames at Ikea and I an change them around whenever I want. I don’t focus on one color but just my favorite recent artwork.
    Will have to think on that chair a bit… I’ll ask my mom!

  3. One of my crafty friends has a cool chair like that. She polished the wood and replaced the cushion, then bought fabric and reupholstered it. She said it wasn’t hard to do. A tangerine tweed fabric would be cool!

    • Thanks for the comment, April! What did your friend use to polish the wood? I need something that will get those paint splatters off, hopefully without having to strip the whole thing (ugh!). Also, do you know any good resources for that kind of fabric? Tweed is such a cool idea, so mid-century!

    • Hey mo! The paint is Benjamin Moore stonington gray with a silver metallic glazing treatment above the chair rail only. The light is an ikea find- $79.99! I’m a real cheapskate lol!!!

      • I just love that color and metallic glaze?! Woah! Too cool! You are a bargain shopper and I love it! 🙂

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