Darn Doll, Making Me Look Bad.

Despite my effort to stop, I can’t help but keep thinking about the starving children in the world.

My little girl asked for a Lalaloopsy doll for Christmas. She also asked for about 100 other things, so it was a little difficult to weed through it all and get her the things that she’d really love the most.  We don’t go overly crazy at Christmastime, I try to keep it at around 5 or six presents each, which for some may be a lot, but compared to my Christmas’s growing up, is relatively small.  I figure they’re so young, they get overwhelmed with too many things, and then it’s money and clutter for us.

So, I opted not to buy Lalaloopsy this year, because I only heard her mention it once or twice, but other things she was a little more obsessive about. Christmas came and went, and the kids were thrilled with their gifts.  Until, I heard her sweet little voice coming from the potty after a morning spend opening and delighting in all the presents, in the saddest, most melancholy tone: “I guess Santa Clause didn’t bring me a Lalaloopsy doll….”.  Sigh, whoa is me, I am the saddest little pitiful girl.  Poo.

I was a little crushed.  The sadness in this poor child’s voice, how could I underestimate her desire for this doll?  What is wrong with me?

We helped her kind of get over it, joking that maybe Santa left it on the roof, and if not I’d have to give him a call and find out what happened.  It hasn’t really come up again since, so she’s OK, but it keeps lingering in my mind.  And the question keeps popping up, “should I just go get the darn thing for her?”.

This doll is actually really cool.  I’m kind of driven to buy her one now, because I actually kind of want one.  I’m slightly conflicted though.  We spent a decent amount of time and money to give our kids a nice Christmas.  What kind of message does it send a kid if they receive so many toys (from us, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, etc) over a 4 day period, and when they’re slightly disappointed they didn’t get one. more. thing., I just run out and buy it for her.  I don’t want her to take gifts for granted.  So, I feel like there should be reason to buy the Lalaloopsy other than just pure whim.

Or, am I just being uptight, the child is four, she’s delightful, and who cares?

No really, I’m asking, am I being uptight?


5 thoughts on “Darn Doll, Making Me Look Bad.

  1. i had to do it for chooch. i resisted for almost two weeks, but he wouldn’t let it go. i found a reason to get it for him, as a reward for something i’ve been trying to get him to do better at.

  2. Go buy it for her..she’ll talk about it for the rest of her life. I still wish my mom had bought me a Barbie when I wanted it.

    • Yeah, maybe we’ll do it for her birthday, I think she can wait. The thing is, it’s crazy, but I think the darn thing is really cute and I just kind of want to buy it so I can play with it too, lol.

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