India, here we come (and other health news).

No longer afraid to stab children with needles.

As of today our India trip is confirmed, and our kids had their first round of shots.  I was so nervous about them getting shots, certain it would be a day of horrors.  I can’t believe this, but my children DID. NOT. CRY(!).  The nurse (her name is Cookie!) was magical and surely hypnotized my children.  I was shocked and very pleased.

Leif had his first of 2 DTaP shots, and Brooke had Hepatitis A and B.  We also started doing the detox drops from the naturopath.  Everyone is happy, healthy and rash-free.

In other news, regarding hashimoto’s thyroiditis, this might sound incredibly strange, but I was meditating recently, and decided to ask my damn thyroid what the hell it wants, and the words magnesium and manganese just popped into my head.  I was at the health food store and picked up a good calcium/magnesium supplement (this one).  I took it twice and have instantly noticed a huge improvement in the insanity-inducing, loud whooshing sound that’s been in my right ear since this all started.  So, if you have a health problem, and you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest asking your funky body what it wants, and it might just tell you.

I also just wanted to mention what I’m also taking, just in case you have HT and/or you’re curious/nosy:
Fish Oil
Vitamin D


4 thoughts on “India, here we come (and other health news).

  1. so glad the shots were better than you expected. i had a feeling… my kids often do not cry either, and there was only a reaction the one time…

  2. wow!! Glad the wee ones didn’t cry!! So very brave!! I gave Jul’s kids all their shots when they were older- they always asked me to….and never made a peep!! when are you going to india?

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