Children! Let’s Fight Together!

Basking in the glow of glistering eyes.

My husband has traveled to India 6 times in the past year for work.  As much as it sucks having him away so much, I’m always excited to see what kind of toys he brings back for the kids.  There is a much different standard of quality for Indian toys.  They’re mostly made of very cheap plastic, and just look totally different than American toys.  Decals are stuck on haphazardly, even upside down, backwards.  The romance copy on the packaging is awesomely fractured English.

One of the best examples of this came from his most-recent trip.  He came home with this flashing robot.  This is for sure, the coolest toy my son has ever seen!  Look how happy it made him!

The copy on the box says BEAT MAGNUM True Hero.  The Truth Eho The Eyes Met Before.  Don’t believe me?  Look!

Keep looking, more!

Flashing Enter

1. Could Sound A Beautiful Music. 2. Luffing 3. Luffing…. Fashivhably Coloured!

The eyes truly do glister.

When you turn this robot on, he says “CHILDREN! LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER!” in a voice (that Jared pointed out) remarkably similar to Corky Thatcher, then he begins spinning around shooting his machine gun everywhere.  My son gleefully exclaimed, “He’s shooting me in the face!!!”.  It made him so happy.

This toy is the epitome of poor taste and a direct attempt at promoting violence, and by giving this to my son, we are hoping he gets all that crap out of his system now, while he’s a completely harmless pudgeball.  I’ll keep you posted on how that pans out.


3 thoughts on “Children! Let’s Fight Together!

  1. I can’t believe, “he’s shooting me in the face!!”. That’s hilarious, especially coming from one of the sweetest boys around : ).

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