A New Years Resolution That Does Not Suck

Recently started taking my own advice, and you know what, I know my shit!

Please do yourself a favor and make this one resolution.  Resolve to spend the next year completely, 100% worry free.  Say fuck off to all your complexes, fears and guilt.  What good is it doing you besides aging you and making you unhappy?  Think of it as cleaning out your closet.  In there is a bunch of old shit.  Most of it is other people’s shit that they brought to your house in the form of weird comments and judgements that you never even asked for in the first place.  Get out your big ass snow shovel and your big ass garbage bin, and shovel that crap out of the closet and dump it in the can. Then resolve to spend the next year making sure that closet stays clean.  As soon as some asshole says something dumb that makes you stress or worry, just throw it out.  As soon as you accidentally overdraw your bank account, or get a bill in the mail you didn’t expect, just smile and be grateful for the fact that a new store of money will come your way to replace what you just shelled out, and you know what? It will.  As soon as you feel your muscles tense up over some bullshit, take 15 seconds and relax them one by one, and take notice of how much better you feel, immediately.  You can relax because you are safe, and you are the authority in your own life.


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