Pharma, Meet Homeopathy.

Hoping not to be attacked by either camp.

We’re planning for an extended stay in India.  Jared has been there 6 times in the past year for work, and his company figures it’s a good idea to just ship us all out there so he can get some serious work done, without interruption. This is very exciting. I imagine that we’d all get a pretty good education in cultural awareness.  I’m kind of itching to go to a place where I won’t be faced with regular temptations to live a senseless, Hollywood lifestyle on my Hartford budget.  Visions of weekends spent in ashrams, and learning about all those crazy Ayurvedic practices flood my mind. I’m 99% sure I’m romanticizing it more than I should, but having something to look forward to is never a bad thing.

Since I’ve come down with thyroiditis a couple months ago, I’ve realized that I  need to take my stress level down considerably.  When Jared brought up the possibility of going to India, I decided to make this an exercise in keeping my cool. I will not allow myself to freak.  If I feel a freak coming on, I stop what I’m doing, find a quiet spot, and meditate. This can be pretty alarming to anyone standing by. Stop, drop and meditate. Oooommmmm. I pretty much just keep telling myself that I’m incapable of stressing, that it doesn’t do me any good.  This has been working pretty well so far, bystanders be damned!

So now, I’m being faced with one of the scarier parts of planning this trip; vaccinations.  We opted to delay our children’s vaccinations after watching our daughter break out in a rash and act like a different person for a month after having a DTaP shot. She had a lot of food sensitivities, so we felt delaying would be safer than not.

Currently we’re working with a naturopathic physician, our pediatrician, and a travel specialist to come up with the safest plan to make sure our kids are protected against India as well as Big Pharma. The threat of disease is very real there, so we’ll be vaccinating them for diseases that we otherwise wouldn’t.  This brings an internal argument for me.  Is it selfish of us to take our children to a country that requires potentially dangerous vaccines, when we could stay here and keep them safe?  But what does safe really mean anyway?  No one’s ever really safe.  Wait, what?  Ooooommmm.  Seriously though, I’m hoping that introducing them to a different culture will give them something valuable that they’ll remember for life.  So, despite our fears, we’re taking a deep breath and trusting that everything is going to be alright.

For those who are interested, here is the plan…

Leif will receive the following:

  • 2 Rounds of the DTaP, 6 weeks apart.
  • On a separate appointment, he will receive the HIB and IPV vaccines
  • On a separate appointment, he will receive the Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccine
  • And on another separate appointment, he will get the typhoid vaccine, and a prescription for malaria pills.

Brooke has already had the DTaP, HIB, and Hep B vaccines, so she will now get:

  • IPV, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid (each in a separate visit)
  • A prescription for malaria pills

Our naturopath has given us the following regime to follow so they can detox after their shots and also protect themselves against the diseases we’re opting not to vaccinate against because we feel that the threat of the disease is less scary than the threat of adverse reactions from the vaccines.

After each DTap shot (both kids, since this will still benefit my daughter even though her DTaP was given 2 years ago) we are to give 5 drops daily of thuja silica, plus we’ll do a cap of glutathione, 500 MG Vitamin C, and 5000 IU of vitamin A for 1 week. This will help them detox and protect them from damage from the vaccine.  We will also have their vitamin D levels checked before we go, and based on those results determine if they should have a supplemental dose.

After that week, we’ll give the following homeopathics for prevention of measles, mumps and rubella.  We’ll do this for one week, wait 10 days, and then do it again.
Morbilliiumin 200c (measles)
Variolinum 200c (rubella)
Parotidinum 200c (mumps)

If either child contracts rotavirus, she gave me a remedy, but I have to ask what’s in it (it’s hard to keep track of all this stuff!).  Also she said to give arsenicum 30c every 1/2 hour until improved and 1 tsp bentonite clay or pascalite twice a day. Nux vomica might also help if there is vomiting with no diarrhea, and I can also give them all those things (excluding the little rotavirus remedy) if they get food poisoning while we’re there.

Lastly, she told me to test them for TB when we get back. Also, I’m waiting to find out what kind of remedies we should give them related to the typhoid shot and malaria pills, so once I have that information I’ll post again.

The thought of taking my kids to 4 different appointments to get stuck with needles over the next 6-8 weeks is one of the most unpleasant ones I can imagine, right next to sitting on a plane with them for 14 hours. They’ll probably start to hate me, and pretty much will never want to get into the car again, for fear another shot appointment is awaiting. Not to mention all those yucky days after their shots where they’re going to need to rest because they feel punky.  I trusting that this trip will be worth this, and I’m going to take a leap of faith.  Plus, I’m sure blogging about India should be pretty entertaining. Om.


One thought on “Pharma, Meet Homeopathy.

  1. i wouldn’t be too worried about them feeling punky after their shots. my kids were on a delayed vaccine schedule too, and as a result they are still getting caught up, slowly. they do get scared to go to the doc now that they’re older, for fear of getting stuck, but they rarely- if ever- feel punky after. good luck!

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