Our New Pet

She’s got lemons on the brain!

Browsing around our local nursery last weekend, on impulse, just wanting to see if they had any cool outdoor holiday decorations, and Mr. Allie stumbled across something that caught his fancy…

A Meyer lemon tree!

What a novel idea… I have never tasted Meyer lemon! And I love to try new things, especially having to do with food!

It was such a cute little thing, all covered with pretty white blossoms and green leaves.  It smelled like jasmine!  So perfumey and fragrant.  Ok, we’re getting it.

Here it sits, next to my breakfast room window.

It likes a lot of sunlight…

So cute!  So cheerful!

It came to us bearing one jewel, one fruit, amongst all the pretty blossoms.  It gifted a golden ripe lemon to us yesterday.  I put it to good use with this recipe:  http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Meyer-Lemon-Budino-235859

It was delicious!  What an interesting new flavor.  Not like a regular lemon, which I do love of course, but this was so very delicate.  More fragrant than flavorful.  More floral than citrus.

The budino was a perfect vehicle…  Light and spongy on its golden browned soufflé top, yielding gradually to a custardy, curd-like goo at the bottom.  This is a great recipe.  I urge you to try it, with Meyer lemon if you can get your hands on it, or regular lemon if not, or probably with any other ingredient that moves you.  I have a feeling this recipe could be adapted beautifully to other flavors.

Pretty blossoms and another gift soon to come (upper left)…


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