One piece suit.

Currently wearing pajamas.

That’s what I’d wear, every day, if I could.  If people wouldn’t look at me and think, “who’s the freak?”.  Each day when I’m faced with the decision of what to put on, I wonder, how nice would it be if I didn’t have to search for a shirt, and pants.  Two things are complicated.  Sometimes the right shirt is right in front of me, but pants, that’s a whole world of suck.  The cute and comfy ones are always dirty.  My alternatives are stiff and cold, or don’t fit right and give me weird muffin tops, or too low slung, so they make my post-baby belly look like some kind of defective bagel.  Muffin top and bagel belly, yum.

If I could just slip on some kind of comfy-but-sleek, space-woman suit, fully lined with Spanx, life would be the tits. Can someone make this fashionable?  Maybe I should just go for it.  What do I care?  Life is short.  That’s it, I’m doing it.


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