Get Pretty.

Like a baby’s ass.

I’m introducing a new regular feature where we can post some of our favorite girlie things, things that make us feel pretteh.

Today I’d like to talk to you about something I can’t live without.  It makes my face all glowy and healthy.  I have weird skin, it’s dry and flaky, but it gets a little oily throughout the day, resulting in weird little dry skin zits.  I’ve tried a million cleansers and moisturizers and nothing’s really given me that baby skin that I’ve seen on only a few lucky bishes.

That is until I discovered (gross, I sound like a commercial, I’m sorry) grapeseed oil.  You can buy it at a health food store for about $8.  It’s a really nice, light oil that you can use as a cleanser or moisturizer.  When I’m in the shower, I put massage it all over my face like soap, and then I get a hot washcloth and drape it over my whole face for about a half minute.  Then I use the cloth to gently wipe off all the oil, and it takes off all my yucky makeup and dirt.  I don’t have to use any moisturizer after that.  My face is perfecto.  No dry flaky skin, and it stays nice and shine free all day.  You’re welcome!


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