The State of Healthcare

Here’s me, not missing coffee.

I was at a specialist today, an endocrinologist.  The reason being, I’ve been diagnosed with something called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Basically my body is attacking my thyroid.  Luckily it’s a pretty manageable thing, so I can continue to live a happy, comfortable life.

When this started, I decided to make a lot of positive changes to my life.  I’d been drinking more wine than I’m really comfortable with for a while.  I also was eating a lot of pre-made food, and not the healthiest pre-made food either. Also, I had a ridiculously stressed out mind all of the time, which I basically ended with a good self help book (Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life), and meditation. I cut out all caffeine. I started working out.  I started getting chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and reflexology regularly.

Anyway, I was feeling really awesome about all my positive changes.  Pretty much high on life, and certain that it would help my condition.  So today was my first visit to a “real” doctor since finding out I needed to go 2 months ago.  It took 2 months to get in with this guy.  In that time I’ve seen 4 different alternative health therapists, 8 times over.

In those two months, the therapists have been on time, ready and accomodating from the moment I’d walk in the door.  They’re good listeners, their offices are warm and comfy, it’s super duper.

Today I sat in a stank-ass dirty, dated old office in a crappy chair, waiting for this doctor to enter, for an hour, while every 5 minutes the damn lights went out because they’re on a motion sensor, and I was being still as I was reading (The Help, it’s good!).  When the doctor came in, he diagnosed me with something I already knew I had after talking to me for 10 minutes.  Then he made me wear a paper thing and actually shoved his stethoscope down my bra at one point. I think he was listening to my boob. Can’t those things hear your heart over the bra material?

At the end of this appointment, I told him “I’ve made a lot of positive changes since this condition started.  I cut out caffeine, stopped drinking, started working out…”  As I’m saying this, he adamantly starts shaking his head.  He cut’s me short “NO! Don’t do that!”.  I say, “don’t do what?  Drink?”  he replies, “Don’t stop drinking and all that!  It won’t do you ANY good.  It’s not going to make any difference at all in your health, it’ll just make you feel better in your mind.  It’s no use”.  This advice, from a doctor.

You hear that folks? My doctor told me that although I have a disease, improving my diet and exercising is a waste of time!  This joke wrote itself.


8 thoughts on “The State of Healthcare

  1. I totally disagree with your doc. My son went from having 6 joints severely affected with rheumatoid arthritis to only having some inflammation in two sometimes four…. My kid who could hardly walk more than a few steps at a time bc he was in so much pain now, runs and jumps and plays as well as his older brother. Biggest changes: we dropped the crap medicine and went gluten free casein free and nightshade free…. I had dramatic health improvements too…. Good luck!

    • That’s wonderful Gabriela, I’m so happy for you and your son! My good friend has RA and she’s just started her journey toward healing herself, your story will help inspire her, I’m sure.

  2. I am totally disgusted with this doctor’s comments. No wonder we have so many people sick and fat and unhappy.

    You CAN heal your life. But only you can do it. Diet, exercize and an easy mind can work a miracle. The only Don’t that I can see from this article is: “Don’t listen to this doctor, or any doctor who makes such a stupid remark.”

  3. it will just make you feel better in your mind…good thing that’s not part of your body…
    seriously? I’d think about making a complaint.

  4. Ah… the state of “Western” medicine can be appalling – but there are good providers out there.
    FWIW I totaly disagree with the endocrinologist – keep up the great work you’re doing for yourself and enjoy the energy and good health!
    Hugs to you my friend!

  5. I definitely will be looking for a new endocrinologist. My hope though, is that in 6 months, with good nutrition, exercise and alternative therapies, I won’t even need an endocrinologist at all.

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