I made gnudi.

A little tired.

After all that build up, I decided it needed to finally get it right.  The verdict, it wasn’t really my kind of thing.  I should have known better, because I’m not a huge fan of gnocchi, or ricotta for that matter.

The recipe was simple, but not very practical after a full day at work with two cranky kids and an out-of-town husband.  Any time you have to make balls out of something, even with a cookie scoop, your going to have an extended workload.  Also, there’s so much flour involved, it was a big mess to clean up.  Did you know that if you let moistened flour and spinach dry out on your bowls and counters, it makes an incredibly strong cement?  It was really fun scrubbing that at 10 PM after the kids nodded off.

Mess #1

Mess #2

I went through the whole process, and after the gnudis were boiled, they looked wet and white and pasty, and it just wasn’t doing much for me.  I decided instead of drizzling brown butter over them, I’d saute them in the butter.   This wasn’t bad, they were a little crispy on the outside.  They are very simple in flavor, and the butter is pretty rich, so I drizzled them with a little balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, and they weren’t too bad.  I think if I were to do it again I’d add a lot more Parmesan to the recipe.The kids didn’t eat them.

Overall, if you’re feeling that hard core white flour, soft, comfort foodie kind of feeling, and you don’t mind using 2 pans and two bowls, and have 45 minutes to spend prepping, go for it!

They look good to me now at 8:55 AM on a cold, drizzly day.


2 thoughts on “I made gnudi.

  1. Good job trying all these recipes! I made 10 minute chili last night and I thought I was going to collapse…and I don’t have any kids…just a needy finance.

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