Don’t hate.

I have a lot of things to confess, but today, it’s my laundry disability.  I hate laundry almost more than dishes.  I’m also kind of a clothes hoarder, I have a hard time getting rid of clothes.  It’s not that I even want them around, I just don’t make time to go through what we’ve outgrown, what’s worn out, etc.  Once I do make time, I put stuff in bags to go to Goodwill, but then the bags just sit around for months.  It’s a horrible affliction.

I need to face my disorder, and reveal it’s severity, otherwise I’ll never be able to heal.  So, here goes.  This is my bedroom floor.


The clothes are clean, and I at least sorted them into piles for each family member.  But, this has been here for a week. The suitcases (unpacked), since Thanksgiving.  But, my husband has been out of town for a week and… wait, no.  I will not make excuses.  I am not a lazy person, I am however, not doing my best at managing all my responsibilities.  I need to make this a priority.


4 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I’ve seen worse…like on the basement floor…where you had to walk on top of a pile of clothes – digging around for your missing sock.

    Anyway, don’t be so hard on yourself. Love yourself. Take baby steps.

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