Really healthy and kid friendly

Is it truly impossible to get vegetables into a child?  It’s such a cliche, I know, but at our house its uncannily, if stereotypically, accurate.  I refuse to give up on this, and I am willing to take it to a level of deceit and trickery.  Here’s my latest…

Yogurt is a major food group for Henry.  He especially enjoys him a good yogurt smoothie.  I started buying kefir, two bottles at a time, because it’s lower in sugar, lower in price, and lower in sheer number of tiny plastic bottles going into a landfill (12 Danimals last all of two days here).  He loves it.  So now, when he’s not looking, I’m squirting about a pouch or two of baby food veggies into it.  On any given day he is now benefiting from all the healthy nutrients of butternut squash, green beans, spinach, carrots, and even super grain salba (whatever that is…???) and he’s none the wiser.


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