Supermom Cooking Challenge 001 – Mere’s Interpretation

So, my sister calls me and tells me that last night, she made pumpkin waffles for dinner. Since I didn’t have dinner planned yet, I decided that’s what I’d make tonight.  Ironically, I’d made Eggo waffles and bacon for dinner last night, but since I was having a crazy day at work and zero time to think about what to make, I figured two nights of breakfast for dinner was worthwhile, if it would save me 10 seconds of thought.

After talking with her, I realized, “oh, I don’t own a waffle iron”.  Hmmm.  I could go buy one?  No.  I’ll make them into pancakes.  Ok.

The dish situation.

Oh God. Look at that table. No, don’t.

I finished up my crazy day at work and had 15 minutes to pick up the supplies I needed before I had to pick the children up from daycare.   Then, I picked up the kids, and they were insane as usual.  When we got in the door, they promptly began to bug me for a million things.  I had very little time to cook that night, because I had plans to meet up with a friend at 8:30.  I looked around the kitchen.  The sink was full of dirty dishes.  The kitchen table was covered in a pile of clean laundry that needed to be folded.  Before me sat a recipe for something made from scratch, with about 500 ingredients, and required 3 bowls.  I realized quickly that I’d made horrible misjudgment. Luckily, my husband got home just before I began to harm people.  I was relieved, until I saw him open the fridge, and start REHEATING LEFTOVERS for himself while the kids continued to harass me.  Whaaahh?

Me: I’m MAKING a DELICIOUS dinner!  Why are you doing that?
Jared: Oh, I thought you were making a pie for your friend.

I never make pie.  I never cook for friends.  I can barely cook for myself and kids, let alone friends.  Jared is so silly.  So, I explained the deal, and politely asked him to get the kids the fuck out of my site and entertain them.  He’s a good sport.  That being said, here’s a helpful warning:


Crying kid.

Oh, no mess you say? I wonder about that…

With no time to do the dishes or remove the laundry, I began making the food, in a rushed manner.  Throughout the process, the thought of “this was a terrible idea” ran through my head.  It was a lot of measuring and a lot of taking different sized bowls out of cupboards.  I made a little mess with all the powdery stuff.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  But, by the time I got to getting the egg whites beaten into stiff peaks, I began to feel better.  “I’m a good cook”, I thought.  Folding the egg whites into the pumpkin mixture was fun.  Once it was all mixed together, the children were allowed back into my life.  Now was the part where I spoon batter into the pan and make pancakes, which I’ve done before and felt comfortable with.

Once everything was cooked and we sat down to eat, I happily watched as my beautiful beasties fed pumpkin pancakes into their mouth-holes.  They loved them.  I took one bite and was instantly transported to a place I’ve been before, Pancake Nirvana.  They were yummy, crispy on the edges and soft inside.  Texture, perfect.  Flavor, delish.  And, truly, the thought pattern in my head switched from “This was a huge mistake.” to, “This was totally worth the effort.”.  Thank you, Alison.

Feeding their mouth-holes.

Note: Alison put her leftovers neatly into containers and froze them.  I, on the other hand, left them in the oven where I’d been warming them, and didn’t discover them again until 25 hours later.  Jared saw them later and put one in the toaster, which caused the oil from frying them to drip onto the coils, which almost caused a house fire.


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