Supermom Cooking Challenge 001 – Allie’s Interpretation

Today’s Food Challenge: Pumpkin Waffles. This Recipe:

Lately I’ve noticed my kids have been asking for waffles for breakfast.  I’ve always kept the obligatory box of Eggos in the freezer, but this seemed like a window of opportunity:  How can I satisfy their waffle craving with a healthier option that’s homemade and not processed?  The answer came to me in the form of this recipe: . It’s seasonal, a yummy way to sneak in some nutritious veg, and relatively low in sugar.  they don’t even need syrup, but, for a treat, you could give them a little flurry of powdered sugar (it only takes a half teaspoon or so, and makes it look so enticing!), or a drizzle of local honey, or maybe a kiss of real maple syrup.  I decided to make a big double batch and keep them in the freezer.  They came out delicious and they were a big hit with the whole family.  Even my diabetic husband was able to enjoy them.  Sorry, Eggo!
Just a few tips:
If your kids are very picky and sensitive to bold flavors, you may want to cut back on the spice a little bit.  Especially the ginger, as a sensitive palate could feel a bit of burn.  These are redolent with warm holiday spice but a more subtle flavor may be called for in some families.

I froze my waffles in rectangular food storage containers, stacked up just like Eggos.  When I went to pop them in the toaster oven next morning, they were really stuck together.  I probably should have placed a layer of parchment or wax paper between them.

As my little ones adopt this dish into the narrow list of foods they approve of, I plan on gradually upping the whole grain content by using whole wheat flour.

I try to make my creations during those precious moments where I am not bothered by kids, when all of my other responsibilities are accomplished, and I have some quiet time to putter.  Namely- when the kids are at school.  If you don’t have that luxury, try mixing up the dry ingredients and putting them in a food storage container.  It would take about 5 or 10 minutes.  Another 5 or 10 minutes could be spent mixing the wet, and then cooking it all up would be another 5 or 10.  Just do what you can, when you can, and your family can be enjoying a delicous, wholesome and homemade treat for weeks to come!


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