Really healthy and kid friendly

Is it truly impossible to get vegetables into a child?  It’s such a cliche, I know, but at our house its uncannily, if stereotypically, accurate.  I refuse to give up on this, and I am willing to take it to a level of deceit and trickery.  Here’s my latest…

Yogurt is a major food group for Henry.  He especially enjoys him a good yogurt smoothie.  I started buying kefir, two bottles at a time, because it’s lower in sugar, lower in price, and lower in sheer number of tiny plastic bottles going into a landfill (12 Danimals last all of two days here).  He loves it.  So now, when he’s not looking, I’m squirting about a pouch or two of baby food veggies into it.  On any given day he is now benefiting from all the healthy nutrients of butternut squash, green beans, spinach, carrots, and even super grain salba (whatever that is…???) and he’s none the wiser.


What’s for dinner? – 11/30/11

Allie: Mr. Allie is making steak dinner.

Mere: I’m not sure.  I’m taking the kids to Yoga Minis at The Bright Spot, so I’m not sure if I’ll be motivated to cook after that.  If I am, it’ll be parmesan crusted chicken cutlets, if not, it could be delivery.

I’ve been served.


Will she do it?

With a challenge, that is!  Allie read my rantings about homemade pie crust being for kooks, and here’s what she said:

“I don’t mean this to make you feel bad or anything, but…- those apple pies, ok, what made them so out of this world was the homemade pie crust.  I know it sounds like a lot of work…but…please…just try it.  Just throw the dough together when you have 5 minutes and stash it in your fridge for a rainy day.  I’m telling you, there is no comparison.”

Hmmmm….. just throw it together, you say?

Just a little peace.

A zen moment from Mere

Earlier today I was at my acupuncturist’s office.  He’s a really nice guy, who has been extremely honest about his struggles adjusting to life as a dad, since finding out I have two small children.  He and his wife are having difficulty coming to grips with the degree of difficulty associated with raising baby, as most people are, and he’s smart enough to be honest enough talk openly about it, instead of holding it in and pretending it’s peachy keen.

So, I’ve been trying to give him reassurance that yes, it’s super hard, but here are some things that help, and also assure him that it does get easier.  When my daughter was 2, I thought she was possessed by a demon.  It was frightening.  I felt like I was going to struggle with her personality for the rest of my life.  Luckily, after she finished getting all of her teeth, she turned into the sweetest, most feminine, loving, artistic and nurturing person I have ever met.  It DID get better.

Brooke Painting

It’s hard to believe there was a time when I wondered if this little flower was sent to break me.

Ultimately, the wisdom I learned that I wanted to share today, is that your child’s personality as a baby is no indication as to the type of person they’ll end up being.  When times are tough, and you can’t think of how to handle their crazy, all you can do is love them, and you’ll get through it together.

Also, it’s good to know there are a couple of things that helped us get through the two-year molars teething.  One, an amber teething necklace, which not only looks cute and will get lots of compliments, but eases pain and drooling.  The other, chamomilla, which you can get at just about any health food store.  Good luck!

Supermom Cooking Challenge 002 – Mere’s Interpretation

Alison’s Baby Apple Hand Pies

I rarely bake.

When I first read Allie’s post (here) about her apple hand pies, I was pretty blown away.  I always knew that she really enjoyed cooking, but her post really hit home on just how much enjoyment she really gets out of it.  I’ve always thought of cooking as a huge chore.  I like it once I start, and feel good about the results, but I hate having to plan for it.  I almost never have the ingredients I need on-hand, and it’s hard for me to get inspired to make something really terrific.  She apparently has no problem with that whatsoever, which is great for me, I’ll just make whatever she tells me to.

So if you read this post, she took a whole afternoon to make these little tiny apple pies from scratch.  She’s always been so detailed and meticulous.  When we were little kids she once spent an afternoon making tiny little geese with Little House on the Prairie bonnets out of Crayola clay.  She even made tiny eggs that you could actually open, and a miniature baby was inside, hat and all.  Amazing.

The thought of spending a whole afternoon doing just about anything makes my head explode.  I like things in 20 minute increments.  I load my day with lots of things that take 20 minutes, because I am the complete opposite of Alison.  I like a shitload of variety in my life.  I’m trying to slow down a bit now though, because I’m starting to show signs of aging due to stress.

That said, I decided to make these pies, only because Alison loved them so.  I didn’t use homemade dough, because  That. Is. Crazy.  They were delishes (typo, I’m keeping it, it sounds like it’s spelled, like, DELISH – IZ).  Here’r (I like my new words!) the highlights :

Chopping was time consuming. Next time I’d put them in my food processor and save myself 20 minutes.

This person was being cute, and keeping me company while I chopped 3 apples for 30 minutes.

Apples, when they were done cooking in the pan.

Apple taco, just before I pinched it all together.

Yummy raw pie dough.

Getting crazy up in hur.

I don’t have fancy sparkle sugar, so I used brown, it was fine.

Happy mouth time.

All in all, this was a nice little recipe.  As a “working” mom, I could easily adjust the recipe to fit my packed schedule.  As I said before, I’d recommend using a chopper for the apples, pre-made dough, and I’d also double the recipe, because these were gone in minutes, which was disheartening because of the amount of time I spent making them (about 40 minutes of prep, but I’m slow).  They were delicious though, and I’d make them again.  Additionally, spices like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg are warming, and help you with a whole host of problems, according to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, and I’m all over that junk.  You can read more about that here.

This Happened.

Poster mom for Poise.

I decided last week to run the Manchester Road Race.  It’s over 4.5 miles, the most I’ve even run is 1.5.  This was a challenge not to be taken lightly.  After the first 5 minutes, I noticed I was steadily, slowly pissing myself.  Damn pregnancies.  By the end of the race, I’d completely, totally peed my pants.  Thankfully, I had a sweatshirt to tie around my waist.  Motherhood is no joke, y’all.